I’ve waited, oh, I don’t know…the better half of a decade to type these words: Dannii Minogue is finally back. (The 16-year-old me is currently clutching a copy a “Perfection” imported picture disc vinyl to my chest and violently shaking and crying.)

After revealing that she would (AT LAST!) be returning to her rightful spot with a comeback performance during Sydney’s Mardi Gras celebration, the Queen Of Clubs And Love & Kisses herself, Disco Dannii, has unleashed the extended mix of a brand new song called “Summer Of Love,” out worldwide (pre-ordered!) on March 7.

Helmed by Sydney-based producer Tom Diesel, mixed by Ian Masterson (AKA one-half of the legendary Thriller Jill) and accompanied with a feature from British rapper Reece, the sunny and shimmering dance floor filler sees the LGBT-friendly pop icon hypnotically cooing above throbbing, sweaty pulsations.

The song’s an unapologetically camp club cut, and feels more than fitting as the theme song for Dannii’s grand return to the stage amid the fierce drag queens, shirtless circuit twinks and leather daddies at Mardi Gras — just watch out for those spurts of glitter and Gun Oil shooting from the speakers once you #pressplay.

With any luck, this is just a small taste of what the everlasting “Put The Needle On It” club queen has in store for the rest of 2015.

The dance floor isn’t the same without some D — Dannii, that is.

“Summer Of Love” will be released on March 7. (iTunes)