“Forget”: Marina And The Diamonds Finds Strength Within Her Latest ‘Froot’

Today is the third of March. 3/3. Double number day. Know what that means? The Froot Of The Month has arrived!

The release of Marina And The Diamonds’ upcoming album, FROOT, is just around the corner now (bumped up to March 16, because The Internet decided to be The Internet), but not before the Welsh songstress officially reveals yet another treat from her Froot basket…this one being “Forget.”

Marina’s got some things weighing on her mind, but she’s refusing to dwell upon all that any longer, moving away from living in the red (like my iPhone at the moment) and channeling her energy instead into an empowering, crunchy rock-tinged anthem.

I wanna forgive and forget…for-ge-ee-et!” the Froot-y diva declares across crashing guitars and drums, with melodies that vaguely recall one of the fan favorites from Electra Heart, “Teen Idle.” Judging by that already live-sounding chorus, this one will no doubt go over well when performed on Marina’s upcoming tour stops.

No use crying over the past! The lyrics are (realistically) uplifting, especially as she hits that outro: “I’ve put my money where my mouth is for the first time in my life/I’ve made mistakes but I believe that everything was worth the fight.” It’s just like that old saying goes: What doesn’t kill you makes you frootier.

The best part of the whole song, though, is how she sings the word “tortoise.” It sounds like the most regal turtle to have ever lived.

Now, who’s ready to sink their teeth into a nice, healthy green apple?

UPDATE: And just like that, the video has already arrived. Marina makes for a pretty glam rock chick, no?

“All the time that I have wasted chasing rabbits down a hole/When I was born to be the tortoise, I was born to walk alone…”

‘Froot’ will be released on March 16. (iTunes)

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