Remember Borneland, the Copenhagen-based duo that brought us that unbelievably fierce reworking of Destiny’s Child‘s “Bug A Boo” at the start of 2014?

They’re at it once again…and this time, they’re taking on the ultimate icon: Whitney Houston.

The remix puts the late legendary diva’s vocals at the forefront, gradually supplying light pulsations, piano chords, snaps and atmospheric synths to the production, yet ultimately allowing that stunning voice to take the spotlight.

From the boys:

We have said it before, and now, we’ll say it again: we love acoustic bass, our synthesizer and absolutely cannot deny a strong vocal. Our earlier mixes of Beyoncé have all had great success and not only because we twisted it, but because a strong vocal gives the track an edge. It may seem trivial and at the same time we just could not help it, when this track reoccurred in our minds.

“It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay” – Whitney has got it. With the risk of touching something sensible, we started the process with this track and the more we got into it, the more we loved it. This is not only a tribute to simplicity, this is also an applause to Whitney as a singer and the great role she has played in music during our lifetime. Not many singers can do what she actually does – even with a classic twist of “the Borneland sound” on this remix, she actually still carries the track all the way through.

The end result is both (A) very right and (B) very okay. But most of all, it offers yet another opportunity to celebrate the incredible body of work that Whitney has left for us to enjoy.

Listen above!