Queen Nuhdeen: Still unsayshuhbull after all these years.

Nothing has been the same since the almighty, record breaking UK troupe Girls Aloud called it quits via Twitlonger two years ago. Life grew unbelievably cold. Again.

And while almost all the girls have gone on to do their own thing in the studio as solo acts (Kimberley Walsh‘s Centre Stage, anyone?), Our One True Irish Goddess Nadine Coyle’s solo music career has mostly been on hold since the release of her Tesco-exclusive debut, 2010’s Insatiable.

Luckily, Daily Star‘s James Ingham spoke to the “Put Your Hands Up” chanteuse on the red carpet of her current West End stint performing in Michael Flatley‘s  Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games…and she’s getting ready to return to us.

“I am recording the album as we speak and I’m so, so, excited about it. I have about seven songs that I love. I would love it to be released sooner rather than later but it will definitely be this year. I would like to go with a major label this time around but I’m just concentrating on making the album at the moment. I would describe it as similar to the London Grammar sound. It’ll be a little different to what people expect.”


WOT? Nuhdeen doing Luhnduhn Grayhmuhr? Ay’m ahyulrayday dayud ayt thuh thought.

Go grab yourselves a Nadine’s Irish Mist burger, sit down in a quiet place and imagine those flawless Irish pipes on top of something like this…

We’re uhnwuhrthay.

And just for the nostalgia…