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Ciara, Body Party hostess, Sworn Enemy Of Ballerinas and true lover of Love, Sex and Magic, is going out on tour for the first time in six years to promote her new album Jackie, her Most Personal Album To Date.

There are, of course, a wide range of songs that CiCi has at her disposal within her underrated discography to turn(t) up, slow grind and backbend to on stage. So, naturally, I’ve spent the better part of the morning daydreaming about the possibilities of Ciara’s long awaited return to the road and putting together an ideal setlist as a Spotify playlist.

And therefore, I proceed to break it down (REFERENCE)…

“Super Turnt Up”

“Work (feat. Missy Elliott)”
“Get Up (feat. Chamillionaire)”
“Turn It Up”
“Got Me Good”
“Gimmie Dat”

“Body Party”
“That’s The Way Love Goes”*
“Keep Dancin’ On Me”
“Ride (feat. Ludacris)”

“Love Sex Magic (feat. Justin Timberlake)”
“Goodies (feat. Petey Pablo)”
“1,2 Step (feat. Missy Elliott)”
“Oh (feat. Ludacris)”

“Like A Boy”
“Yeah I Know”
“Keep On Lookin'”
“That’s Right (feat. Lil Jon)”
“I’m Out (feat. Nicki Minaj)”

“I Bet”
“Livin’ It Up (feat. Nicki Minaj)”

*Yes, a Janet Jackson cover. I just think Ciara should cover Janet on this tour at some point: “That’s The Way Love Goes,” “Rock With U” — some sexy midtempo. It would just be an opportunity to honor the legacy of Janet, and any moment to recognize Miss Jackson’s greatness is one worth taking.

Which songs would you like to see Ci to conquer out on the road? Let me know.