Moxiie Covers Britney’s “Toxic”: MuuMuse Premiere

Moxiie is no stranger ’round these parts.

The shapeshifting singer-songstress has been consistently making bigger and bigger waves across the blogosphere and beyond with each new taste of music over the years, from the early days with her Jungle Pop EP in 2011 all the way up to her latest releases, “Anyway” and “Jilted.”

Lucky for us, not only does Moxiie make great music, but she also has great taste in music too…including a soft spot for The Legendary Miss Britney Spears. So much so, in fact, that she’s decided to put her own very unique spin on B-Girl’s In The Zone classic, “Toxic.”

Of course, as with any diva’s signature songs, no one can touch the original. But the great thing about Moxiie’s interpretation of “Toxic” is that it’s very much a reinvention, giving the game-changing taste of a poison paradise a moody, downtempo electronic makeover and turning it into an entirely different beast.

It’s “vibe-y,” as our beloved Brit Brit would say.

From Moxiie:

“The ‘Toxic’ cover happened in rehearsals with my friend/collaborator SurReal. We were going over the new set and I wanted to have a moment where I could connect with the audience over a shared love…Britney Spears! I love the way changing the tone, tempo and overall delivery takes it from a sexy pop moment into what it’s like to be addicted to someone. I think that’s what a lot of great pop songs do. They makes us feel good while we sing along to something that’s kind of sad when you slow it down. SurReal brought a very Brooklyn feeling to it, which I LOVE (we’re both from Brooklyn). We wanted to bring this into my sonic world, and we’re building a few originals too. After the “Jilted Re(o)mix,” I thought it would be fun to share this now and hopefully connect with other “Toxic” lovers, and also give something new to my fans who really support me and are ready for more music.”

And so, In the grand spirit…err, Spearit of #TBT, I present Moxiie’s cover of Britney’s “Toxic.”


The song is free to download with a tweet and/or Facebook post via Soundcloud. And if you’re loving this #TBTney as much as I did (and loving all things Moxiie as much as I do), check out her latest release, “Jilted,” below.

Photo credits:
Photographer: Tarik Carroll
Stylist: Lisbeth Cervantes
MUA: Hiroto Yamaguchi
Wearing Haley Chopic Cape & PRAE
Mask by Mihkel V.

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