The Legendary Miss Britney Spears is lookin’ real pretty these days, isn’t she? So pretty!

After posing with some Pretty Girls in a dance studio just yesterday (REFERENCE), Brit Brit took to Twitter this afternoon to go boom boom bay-beh and pick us up in her Muhsaydays in a parking lot (fun fact: every car that B-Girl gets into magically turns into a Mercedes, a Bugatti, a Maserati or a banned-in-France Louis Vuitton Hummer), all while flawlessly serving Hot ’80’s leopard top MILF on-the-go…

….and some grimace-facefor good measure. All hail Emojiney!

Looks like she’s all (Original) dolled up to film something, yeah?

“Y’all, can we make a pit stop real quick?”

Oh, right. And speaking of emojis, there’s the small matter of that photo caption…

Girls roll up!

Windows roll down.

Eyes on us!

Jaws on the ground.

Britney’s upcoming collaboration with Iggy Azalea drops on May 5.

Specifically, that’s 26 days until The Holy Spearit blesses our sorry souls and gives us a reason to live again.

‘Crossroads 2: Cross Harder,’ here we come!

Check out more photos of Brit Brit casually cruisin’ down the strip over at Contact Music. 


Candid photo via ATRL & Contact Music