A while back — over a year ago now, actually — I Introduuced Brooklyn-based crooner King Deco and her Tigris EP, a wonderful collection of moody, contemplative electronica, including “One,” “Ocean” and “Laila.”

Luckily for us, she’s popped up again this summer, this time with rising LA duo Ezra Reich and Nic Johns, better known as ROOM8, in a collaboration for the troupe’s upcoming EP.

Break-ups suck (just ask Hilary Duff!), but Deco’s gone and given her flaky former flame the sonic equivalent of a friendly parting kiss on the cheek and a Kanye shrug goodbye with “No Hard Feelings,” a send-off much sweeter than the lyrics would suggest — and easily an early favorite for the summer.

Backed by a mellow ’80’s synth-pop pulse, the singer cooly detaches with some subtle, sugary Annie-esque melodies…and some less-than-subtle shade.

“When the radio plays all of the Fleetwood songs, I’ll still sing along with the lines / They say the higher you climb, you get the hardest fall / But you didn’t get me all that high…”

The delivery might sound dreamy, but this is one nasty (and endlessly catchy) parting jab.

“I’ll still call on the weekends, we can still be friends, I’m already over you / I’ll only think of your bedroom once in a blue moon, never is way too soon

Oof. Oof. Oof! Brutal, but brilliant.

Love it? Not into it? Over me? Baby, there are no hard feelings either way.

“No Hard Feelings” was released on June 5. (iTunes)