“Good For You (feat. A$AP Rocky)”: The Unexpectedly Sexy Return Of Selena Gomez

Selegendary Gomezmerizing is back, and she’s leaving her dress a mess on the floor for you.

Selena Gomez Good For You

The rebirth of Selena Gomez — born Selegendary Gomezmerizing — begins now.

The last time we heard from Princess Selly G, she was breaking our wanting hearts with her tearjerker of a Justin Bieber ode last year, “The Heart Wants What It Wants.”

Since then, she’s released a greatest hits compilation (For You), parted ways with Hollywood Records, signed with Interscope Records and collaborated with Zedd for a thunderously average EDM moment on “I Want You To Know.”

But she’s back, and all on her own again — well, with A$AP Rocky for a brief verse — with the unbelievably sexy “Good For You,” out on June 22. (It’s arrived a little early this afternoon, because the Internet.)

The “Off The Chain” Latina mini-diva is straying far away from her euphoric, glittery electro-pop roots for a super minimal, super chilly #SomethingMoreUrban banga, which, if anything, feels like an ode to Cassie or Tinashe.

Songs like “Stars Dance” and “Come & Get It” and her mostly innocuous role in Spring Breakers certainly hinted at Selegend’s plan to tip-toe away from Fantasyland into Sexy Town USA (it’s a new Magic Kingdom land, coming soon), but she’s really feeling her oats this time around, purring sultry come-ons above an atmospheric, finger-snapping #SomethingMoreUrban beat.

“Let me show you how proud I am to be yours / Leave this dress a mess on the floor, and still look good for you,” she confidently purrs above the chilly pulse. It’s hot as ice, if you will.

Really, this is the perfect move for Selena: Rather than attempting to one-up her gym-ready collection of thumpers on 2013’s Stars Dance, she’s swerved left and headed straight into the dark steam room, instead.

Listen to the song over at PopCrush. 


“Good For You” will be released on June 22.

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