MuuTunes: July 2015

Here are the songs that are cool for the summer — July of 2015, specifically.

Hello! It is hot in The City. The city being New York City, of course. There are no other cities out there. Are there? None come to mind. Nope! Guess not.

I guess the heat comes with the whole summer situation, but it’s especially oppressive this week, isn’t it? (Person reading from anywhere but The City: “Okay?”) I’m just here, cradling my portable air conditioner, writing in my underwear. Apologies for the visual.

Enough weather banter — it’s time for the FAN DEMANDED MuuTunes of July 2015 (so far).

This month, there are two important things at top of my playlist to start my morning off on the right note: Demetria Devonne Lovato‘s bicurious cherry tasting banga “Cool For The Summer,” and Carly Rae Jepselegend‘s immaculate E•MO•TION, including The Best Pop Song Of 2015, “Run Away With Me.” (AY!) (Being the fiercely loyal, deeply shady Little Muusters that you are, you should already know that.) Also Girls Aloud‘s back catalog, because it’s available to stream everywhere like it’s 2006 all over again. But when did I ever stop listening, really?

Ciara, God bless, is still sticking with that #JackiePromo with “Dance Like We’re Making Love,” which…will someone just let her notch a Top 10 hit again, already? The girl wore her good stilettos in the pool. She’s trying! “Bad Blood” went straight to #1 without even being a good song! Why won’t The Powers That Be let CiCi have a taste of the goodies again? Nothing’s fair in this world, that’s the goddamn truth. Also, #JusticeForOverdose.

Queen Duff‘s having another THIS IS A VIDEO BUT NOT THE VIDEO VIDEO moment — this time without Tinder — with “My Kind.”(Fans, DEMAND another version!) The song would be a great choice from the wonderful Breathe In. Breathe Out. if she were to pick it as the next single. Or, it could just be the soundtrack to this charming behind-the-scenes video of HilDuff learning her armography. Regardless, it’s important.

Other things? LIZ put out a bubbly, Gwen Stefani-meets-Britney-esque song with SOPHIE that feels very nostalgic ’00s-pop. The Chainsmokers, of #SELFIE fame, teamed up with Waterbed for a glitchy ass-clapper that slaps hard and makes booty-shaking sound kind of like an emotional endeavor. Calvin Harris took a moment away from sucking face with Taylor Swift in an inner tube somewhere to put out a better-than-decent, very UK-sounding club tune called “How Deep Is Your Love” with Disciples. Marina And The Diamonds has gone to Dreamland to deliver unto us most unworthy Diamonds one of her biggest, most succulent pieces of FROOT, “Blue.” 

Queen Of Clubs Dannii Minogue‘s given her “Summer Of Love” some sexy, gay pool party-ready remixes. Years & Years put out a great debut album after supplying consistently solid hits over the past year. And Rihanna‘s still dangling R8 in our faces and trolling us all, forcing DJs to keep on remixing “Bitch Better Have My Money” — and #content-makers to make videos of Miss Piggy performing the track. Oh, the state of the Internet in 2015!

There are a whole bunch of gems from up-and-comers like Shura and Sizzy Rocket and Parson James thrown into the mix as well — even a bit of country from a smiley country-pop princess I took a liking to, Kelsea Ballerini.

As always, more will be added as the month goes on. Until the month is over. And then it will stop being updated, a musical relic of the past 31 days, frozen in time forever.

The July 2015 MuuTunes playlist is available on Apple Music and Spotify (up top!), since everyone’s scattered and confused at the moment when it comes to which streaming service to choose. I got chu covered either way!

Thank you for continuing to read MuuMuse. Let me know what you’re listening to in the comments. Love you all.


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