#Skywatch: Sky Ferreira Is A Time-Traveler And ‘Masochism’ Is Coming, Not Soon, But Maybe Soon

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Tonight, on #SKYWATCH: MASOCHISM is coming.

At some point.



Newly blue-hued “Heavy Metal Heart” singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira has provided a key album update for #SF2, now titled Masochism. It’s not coming out as soon as you’d like it to, but that’s fine.

She blames, she blames herself.

“I AM WORKING ON MY ALBUM,” Sky, who is currently working her album, wrote in an Instagram explanation.

“Patience,folks! I don’t have a ‘writing process’. The only thing I try to make sure is that it comes from a true & honest place & say what I mean. This album (and every album) is very personal and important to me so I can’t just force something that isn’t all the way there yet. It’s on the verge of being/already is something special but I can’t force myself to make it that overnight, unless it just comes to me overnight. You never know?! As I’ve learned from the past, the one thing that will be around forever & have the most control over is my music, not the rest of the stuff or ‘me’. Soooo, I need to able to 10000 percent stand behind it no matter the outcome. It will be well worth the wait…more so then rushing & releasing something prematurely before reaching it’s (my) full potential & also working on some other very very very exciting things 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #MASOCHISM”

In an increasingly impatient world of Vine stars and Tinder swipes for instant satisfaction, it’s easy to get frustrated — and dehydrated from all the thirst.

But in case you needed a reminder, Sky Ferreira put out this:

Therefore, you’ll fucking wait until she’s ready.

In other news, Sky revealed during an Instagram spree today that either she’s rented out a time machine for the afternoon and gone decade-hopping, or she has survived hundreds of years (and also into the future) without anyone noticing — perhaps as a vampire or some other creature of the night time, my time.

Here now is visual evidence, from the 1930’s onward. I’m especially fond of her work from the ’80s:


Incredible what she’s accomplished over hundreds of years — and all within just 24 hours.

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