After four excruciatingly long days of waiting, it’s here at long last: The first great song of 2016. (Actually, it arrived a few days early, but everyone was too hungover to notice. Whatever. Theres no time like the present.)

Many of you may already be acquainted with UK songbird (eh heh) Birdy because of the international success of her covers of Bon Iver‘s Skinny Love,” Cherry Ghost‘s “People Help The People” and The xx‘s “Shelter,” her two studio albums (Birdy and Fire Within), or perhaps her contributions to soundtracks for The Fault In Our Stars and The Hunger Games.

It seems now that Birdy is ready to bust out on a larger scale this year, and this is surely an impressive way to start.

“Keeping Your Head Up” is exactly the kind of reassuring anthem necessary to begin a new chapter and give up the ghosts of the year(s) past. Think Florence + The Machine meets Clare Maguire and a bit of Jess Glynne — soul-stirring drama, soaring strings and a woosh of a chorus.

“I hope this song is inspiring, it’s meant to feel powerful and uplifting. It’s about finding a light in the dark, having the strength to hold on to it and overcome the times when we feel completely lost,” Birdy says of the song.

It’s a mantra for the year: Breathe. Hold tight. Let go of all your haunted dreams. And keep your head up, darling.

On a little more personal (raw) note: Tomorrow, January 5, is my birthday. (Instead of sending me gifts, donations may be made in my name to the Buy #B9 On iTunes Foundation.) To be honest, last year wasn’t the best. I fell into a bit of an existential slump. And so, in order to make for a better year (NEW YEAR NEW ME), I’m taking the timing and message of this song to heart and giving it my best effort to get out of the dark place. Like Yoncé, my aspiration in life is to be happy. One day at a time, right?

Consider your mission to inspire accomplished, Birdy.

Also, while we’re on the subject, I would be remiss if I didn’t call out the clear and obvious inspiration behind this song…