MuuTunes: August 2016

It’s August, and I have a problem with the fact that there’s no air in here and I’m going to die. Anywho: here are some songs!

MuuTunes: August 2016

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It’s August, and I have a problem with the fact that there’s no air in here and I’m going to die. Just give me a fan.

Anywho, the August 2016 MuuTunes playlist has arrived.

Keep up with this playlist as it regularly updates throughout the month on either/both Spotify and Apple Music, and please join Kanye West in his frustration about the ongoing battle between competing streaming services, because it really is all so fucking annoying.

Here are some standout moments in particular:

  • Queen JoJo makes her grand re-return in the form of “Fuck Apologies,” which is as middle-fingers-to-the-sky as you might expect from a true, grown #unapologeticbitch who deserves to win. Her album, Mad Love, is coming later this year. (Really, really this time.) Fuck it up, Jo.
  • Sporty “Not Committing To A Reunion Anytime Soon” Spice hopped on some very current-sounding club track called “Numb” with Sons of Sonix, and it’s not bad.
  • Sabrina Carpenter is a 17-year-old rising Disney princess-slash-star of Girl Meets World, and “On Purpose” is the kind of pop you’d hope to hear from a 17-year-old rising Disney princess. Watch your wig, Selegend!
  • I’m so happy to see Bebe Rexha slaying any which way she can. She’s shape-shifted a lot since the days of her (still amazing) “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You” and “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy,” but I love hearing her in every form and feature, including this Martin Garrix EDM collabo, “In The Name Of Love.” Yes, beat breakdowns are beat breakdowns, but she kills it vocally with that chorus.
  • Speaking of singer-songwriters who deserve their fair share of shine, Skylar Grey is giving us a second go-around in September with Natural Causes. Her “Off Road,” as well as “Moving Mountains” are nice, brooding offerings of summertime sadness.
  • My boyfriend Maluma, who I am very seriously dating (in my head, for now), turned “El Perdedor” into #SomethingMoreElectronic with the hot “X Version.” And, being the generous Reggaeton prince he is, he also hooked up with Brazil’s hottest export of the moment, Anitta, for the rump shake-friendly “Sim ou não.” RT for Brazil and Colombia.

As a reminder, here is his face in GIF form.

Maluma GIF


  • Justin Bieber helped to usher in the now inescapable wave of ‘tropical House’ with Major Lazer and Skrillex, so it’s only right that he gets to keep it going with DJ Snake. It’s becoming a bit uninspired at this point, but “Let Me Love You” is very pretty. Also, stop fighting with him in his Instagram comments.
  • We allowed Alicia Keys‘ “In Common” to flop, which is why we deserve whatever comes to us this Presidential election. The Kaskade remix is a valiant effort to breathe new life into the officially way overlooked track. “Who wants to love somebody like me? You want to love somebody like me? If you could love somebody like me, you must be messed up too” is surely one of this year’s best lyrics.
  • I’m very happy BANKS is back…and evidently, so is she. “Fuck With Myself” was a nice and refreshing dose of unfuckwitable FKA twigs-like cockiness, and “Gemini Feed” truly makes it feel like she was never gone. Bring on The Altar.
  • Florence + The Machine making music for Final Fantasy is fan-fiction straight from my eighth grade LiveJournal. The result is heavenly-sounding, orchestral gorgeousness. (Of course, I wish Video Game Theme Queen Utada Hikaru was involved too, but she’s about to rescue pop this year on her own.)
  • Speaking of saving pop, Carly Raemmaculate Jepselegend‘s glitchy PC Music collaboration with Danny L Harle is a really, really cute way of tiding us over before releasing the Best Album of 2017, which is currently sounding like “dreamy, Donna Summer-inspired disco.” Truly, we’re unworthy.
  • Tove Lo‘s made a cool-but-confident return in “Cool Girl” (say cool one more time), a song that opts to get low-key lodged in your brain rather than opting for one of her signature soaring melodies. It’s just as slick and solid as anything she’s given us before — just a lil’ more chill. She’s yet to let us down. And the next album is reportedly called Lady Wood. Come on! A cool girl, indeed.
  • GRAMMY Award-winning singer-songwriter Legendtina Goduilera singlehandedly revived the disco genre with her Get Down soundtrack contribution, “Telepathy (feat. Nile Rodgers).” When asked to comment on her latest sonic career shift, Legendtina had this to say Excluusively in a handwritten note to MuuMuse readers delivered directly to my home address:

    Legendtina HairThe current state of affairs is more dire than ever for true lovers of music, especially with these “singers” clogging up the charts like Meggie Traitor, Flat Harmony and Areola Grande. (And I’m still waiting for clarification on what a Halsey is.) To stay ahead-of-our-time, I dove decades back onto the dance floor with the assistance of a fan named Niall and my close personal friend, Sia. You might have heard a rumor that Sia is being unwillingly held against her will at Beyoncé‘s house to churn out hits, which is laughably untrue — she’s shackled at mine. Spin around in circles on my disco balls. You’re welcome, fans. – XoXtina ?

  • And finally, you may not have heard, but The Legendary Miss Britney Spears is set to return this month with her ninth studio album Glory, including doo wop-y, multiple personality vocal acrobatics session “Private Show,” jangly knee-slapper-slash-EDM thumper, “Clumsy.” (You might also want to add “Do You Wanna Come Over?” to your Grindr bio now.) I’ve included a good “Make Me” remix, too. Prayer hands emoji all around for this era.

Here’s to a Glory-us rest of the month! Thanks for reading, listening and writing me as always. And please remember to wish Madonna a happy birthday tomorrow.

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