‘A/S/L’: Donatachi Turns Sexts and Swipes Into Future-Pop

Sydney-based producer Donatachi taps (and swipes) into sexting and dating apps for a futuristic banger with Tashka and Blair de Milo.

U up?

As our romantic lives become increasingly dic(k)tated by dopamine-triggering, attention-seeking texts and swipes and likes and woofs, music inspired by modern flirt culture is becoming more and more representative of our New Normal.

It makes sense, then, that hearing the “brrnng” of a Grindr notification unexpectedly tossed in after the chorus of Donatachi‘s “A/S/L” might inspire an ever-so-brief anxious flutter upon first listen. (Just me, then?)

The up-and-coming Sydney-based producer describes the track as his “first official” release after years of experimentation.

With Tashka on vocals and bars supplied by Blair de Milo, “A/S/L” fits snugly within the digital musical realm of SOPHIE and Charli XCX and the PC Music collective, like the Hannah Diamond gem from last year (“Fade Away”) and Rina Sawayama‘s lush cyber fantasy (“Where U Are”) from back in April.


You’re never wasting time / So quick on the reply,” Tashka coos.

The melodies are firmly rooted in ’90s-to-early ’00s R&B (this would also make for a killer Tinashe cut, come to think of it), but the thumping synths and glitchy sound effects are thoroughly a thing of the now — and/or the future.

“The song itself is not so much about sexting and cheeky snaps, but about how so much physical interaction has been substituted with technology, how the feeling of seeing a notification from a particular person can have that same feeling of excitement as if you were with them IRL,” he explains.

Considering we’re more glued to our screens than ever, it’s safe to assume the line between the digital world and reality will only continue to grow even thinner. (Translation: we’re all going to be fucking robots by 2020.)

Into? Looking? Txt me back, bb.

Listen above, and check out the song on Spotify and iTunes.

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