Sofi de la Torre‘s been making don’t-sleep-on-this-shit, under-the-radar #popdoneright music for years now, from 2014’s genuinely forward-thinking “Vermillion” all the way up to this very moment. (If you’re just getting caught up, that’s okay: try out songs like “Mess,” “London x Paris” and “Sit Down,” too.)

“$” is the Spanish singer’s latest; an intoxicatingly breathy, downtempo kiss-off that is as dreamy as it is damning.

Crafted alongside “Vermillion” collaborator Jonas Karlsson, the Finnish songwriter and producer who also worked on Madeline Juno‘s Salvation, a favorite from last year — the atmospheric track finds a deeply unimpressed Sofi reading the shit out of someone who sounds like a real elitist pig.

That’s a lot of cash for a fun size brain / That’s a lot of friends and they’re all the same / That’s a lot of hidden pain, leather inside private plane / At least it’s comfy.

The slow-tripping production is so disarming and hypnotic, it’s easy to miss just how hard she really goes in on the dude: “You the type to open your own door / You the type to pat your own back, kiss your own lips / And fuck your own damn self to sleep.” I mean, damn.

Evidently, Sofi wouldn’t be nearly as smitten with Lana Del Rey‘s “National Anthem” bad baby as the Queen of Coney Island: “Go ‘head boy sip that bubbly with your pancakes / You above us all, upper echelon,” she sarcastically croons.

And really, any singer who can effortlessly slip in the word “pancakes” without sounding goofy deserves praise for that alone.

Fuck your dollars and get some sense, boy.

“$” was released on March 31. (iTunes / Spotify)