Anitta Brazil Paradinha Bunda

Brazil Comes to Us: Anitta and Her Bunda Are Taking Over the World

From “Switch” with Iggy Azalea to “Sua Cara” with Major Lazer, Brazilian superstar Anitta is shaking her bunda all over the world.

Brazil asks us to come. They ask us to #RTForBrazil. But what happens when Brazil gets tired of fucking waitin’ for us to book the flight and makes their way stateside instead?

Despite their homeland’s fervent fandom (if you don’t have a devoted Brazilian fan account on Twitter, you’re not a pop star), there are no imported acts from the country to be found on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart — nor has there ever been in recent history.

Anitta, funk-samba-pop babe and Queen of Bunda, might just be the one to switch (eh heh) things up.

The 24-year-old “Show das Poderosas” princess — and if you’re not already familiar, get familiar (her 2016 Prêmio Multishow greatest hits medley is the perfect place to start) — is having an incredible week.

She made Brazil proud with an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon alongside Iggy Azalea for a rendition of their collaboration “Switch” over the weekend in a performance that had some fans, unsurprisingly, demanding more than just a casual cameo. (Don’t worry: her premature exit from the stage is now an amazing GIF.)

Not wasting any time in America, Anita used her brief trip stateside to shake her famous bunda all over New York City — including, quite incredibly, the very same restaurant in which I once dined — to film a music video for her fantastic Spanish-language single, “Paradinha.”

Yes, a Brazilian singing Spanish in New York City: she’s got world domination on her mind…and her bumbum.

As of today, there’s even more Anitta to enjoy worldwide: the all-up-in-your-face “Sua Cara,” a collaboration with Major Lazer — and Pabllo Vittar, a fierce Brazilian drag queen with an enjoyable music career of his own. (That Diplo decided to give the spotlight to these two, having been inspired by Brazilian samba for years, earns him several points.)

“Sua Cara” is an even better, more authentic-sounding use of Anitta than I-G-G-Y’s “Switch,” and also probably the best song off of the Know No Better EP, too. (Sorry, Camila.)

This international push didn’t just happen out of the blue: months before, Anitta was already working and twerking her way through our beloved Colombian reggaeton sexy princes for Spanish stardom: she hopped on J Balvin‘s incredible global smash “Ginza” for a remix, and then literally hopped on Maluma for “Sim Ou Não.” (Frankly, I’m still not sure which one of the two we should be more jealous of.)

The point is this: Anitta is happening in a big way — and it’s actually historic for a Brazilian act, considering crossover success in the pop sphere has been all but impossible. As mainstream American pop stays mostly stale, safe and mediocre, it’s up to our international icons to save the day.

And now, some parting words of inspiration: “Vocês pensaram que eu não ia rebolar minha bunda hoje, né?

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