Aí, papai…

As promised last month, the video for “Corpo Sensual” has arrived — and you’re gonna need some lube. (Don’t worry, condoms already supplied.)

Pabllo Vittar, Brazil’s premiere drag queen-turned pop diva, Major Lazer muse and dear friend to Anitta, is on her way to Teenage Dream-ing her debut solo album Vai Passar Mal with her fourth single off of the LP. (Note: not a complaint.)

Shockingly, she hasn’t even serviced the Diplo-produced “Então Vai” yet — but give it time.

The behind-the-scenes shots from the video set already suggested that “Corpo Sensual” would be a steamy affair. Indeed: it’s one long dry-humping, bunda-bumping session, as Pabllo flaunts her very sensual corpo for her handsome Banda Uó pal, Mateus Carrilho.

Pabllo Vittar Bunda

The two ultimately can’t stop grinding, licking and lusting anywhere and everywhere possible. Can’t host? Car fun? Anything goes. And yes, Pabllo comes prepared. Safe only!

In short: Pabllo stays pretty, promotes safe sex for all the impressionable and horny babes watching and stays pissing off the homophobes.

What a Queen.

“Corpo Sensual” was released on September 6. (Spotify)