‘One & Only’: Go Won, the Eleventh Member of LOOΠΔ, Makes Her Escape From Eden

The eleventh member of LOOΠΔ has arrived.

The LOOΠΔverse is expanding yet again, this time with the eleventh member of the twelve lovely ladies of LOOΠΔ. (No idea what I’m talking about? Consult this first.)

And this time around, it’s getting stereognostic.

Go Won is the latest girl to be revealed as part of the roster of K-Pop’s most exciting still-yet-to-debut girl group. And for her track, “One & Only,” Go Won’s meeting up with our favorite flirts, Yves and Chuu, as they defy God and deny themselves refuge in the Garden of Eden.

The track is about self-love, as Blockberry Creative explains in one of their epic YouTube descriptions.

“Even when it feels like the existence of oneself seems irrelevant in the world and may feel very little among others, Go Won sings, ‘it’s not a coincidence that I’ve met myself’ and emphasizes how she met herself, ‘one and only,’ is precious.” Okay!

What’s more? The song is mixed in 3D in order to “stimulate stereognostic perception” on earphones. What’s that mean, exactly? When you listen to the track, Go Won goes zipping back and forth between your ears during the pre-chorus. Fun!

I don’t need no Garden of Eden / The time in my hands means that I’m already in Heaven,” she confidently declares, casting away security and dancing in the dark under the starlight – perfectly content being all alone.

The lyrics are super colorful: “Even the darkness feels bright / The moon illuminating the sky like stage lighting / The shape of myself dancing under it sparkles.” (I like this girl already.)

Like every other LOOΠΔ member, Go Won’s music video is shares interesting ties to the past girls: Yves is clearly the player of the group, going after the heart of every new girl. And Chuu? She’s still sweetly swooning for Yves. Oh, young love! This crazy in-group love triangle – err, more like a Decagon or something? – continues to expand. And there’s a split-second appearance by HyunJin, too!

The visual is also intriguing for a few reasons: the constantly changing aspect ratio is jarring, the shadow dancing pairs perfectly with the lyrics, the split-second references to Chuu’s video, and the dark undertones. There are moments that are almost Audition ominous. But by the time Go Won secures the crown (with a quick wig swap), she seems to be in a chipper mood.

The single also comes with a B-side called “See Saw,” a duet with Chuu featuring the legendary “Eclipse” gay icon herself Kim Lip, which “defies the typical grammar of the k-pop genre to expand the boundaries of music with the uniqueness of LOOΠΔ.” (Seriously, whoever writes these descriptions deserves a Pulitzer.)

It’s a more chill, electro-R&B-leaning track that sees the girls see-sawing vocally and, like Chuu’s B-side with Yves, “Girl’s Talk,” might actually be better than the solo single.

Many questions remain! Who’s the final girl? How’s everybody connected in this crazy story line? Will this sub-unit be a t.A.T.u.-obliterating lesbian-pop force to be reckoned with? When will LOOΠΔ finally debut in their fully realized form? These are mysteries only LOOΠΔ – or all these rabid, theory-making stans in fan forums – can address.

One thing’s for sure: if loving LOOΠΔ is wrong, I don’t want to be allowed entry into the Garden, either.

“One & Only” was released on January 30. (iTunes)

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