‘Paraiso’ Video: Lucas Lucco & Pabllo Vittar Stay Fuckable While Making Others Uncomfortable

Lucas and Pabllo get hot and bothered while flicking a middle finger to homophobia.

Lucas Lucco and Pabllo Vittar‘s “Paraiso” is one of 2018’s first sexy scorchers to come from Brazil, which is rapidly becoming one of the most reliable sources of quality music in the past year. (Brazil clearly decided that if we weren’t coming or RTing fast enough, they’d just have to come to us instead.)

As promised, the accompanying music video has arrived as of Sunday (January 28) and everything about it is pure sex: the subtle futuristic Minority Report opening, the fashion, the beautiful Bahia setting, and of course, the irresponsibly hot Lucas and the always fierce-as-fuck Pabllo.

There’s not really a plot, per se: Lucas and Pabllo are basically just gyrating on and around each other for under three minutes. But who’s complaining?

Actually, a bunch of people are! But not because of the lack of a narrative: the video’s garnered a massive down vote percentage on YouTube (over 102K downvotes and counting!), presumably because of the sexualization of Miss Pabllo, Brazil’s Premiere Drag Queen.

Just as Daddy Diplo did with the subtly subversive “Sua Cara” last year, Lucas – who is a straight sertanejo universitario singer (a genre that is basically, as explained to me by my dear reader Igor, “frat boy country”) – positions Queen Vittar as an object of lust and desire in his video, as opposed to relegating her to sassy RuPaul’s Drag Race comedy clown status.

Seeing a boy feeling the feminine fantasy so well and acting so sexual, of course, has surely got some of the straight population shook – and, most likely, has left more than a few feeling confused…and/or aroused.

At first glance, “Paraiso” might just seem like a steamy romp. And it is!

But when taking into consideration the sad fact that Brazil is now at an all-time high when it comes to violence against the LGBT community, what Lucas and Pabllo are doing – shoving it right back in the face of homophobia as opposed to ‘toning it down’ so as not to offend anyone – is nothing short of badass.

And a second shout-out to Igor for pointing out the graffiti easter egg in the video’s opening:

Lucas Lucco Pabllo Vittar Homophobia Kills

La homofobia mata.” – “Homophobia kills.

“Paraiso” was released on January 5. (iTunes)

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