Blame Joanne. And the Miley Cyrus return-to-roots record. And Kesha‘s rowdy, honky-tonk empowerment rock. And Justin Timberlake‘s transformation into a #Masc4Masc flannel-wearing woodsman.

But it appears the trend is now being tackled by our very own Mighty Aphrodite, too.

Kylie Minogue is gearing up to return to us at last on Friday (January 19) with “Dancing,” the lead single from her forthcoming studio album, Golden, her first non-Christmas studio album in four years.

Perhaps you’ve heard the official “Dancing” teaser, a leaked snippet, or maybe even the whole song.

Perhaps you’re horrified, or you’re fine with it, or maybe you’re already dialing up your line-dancing partners.

In any case, those twangy strings, and that pair of cowboy boots she’s sporting in that new promotional photo, should give you enough of a clue of what’s coming: the glittery “Your Disco Needs You” diva is going a little Dolly Parton on us.

“I promised my fans that I would be putting my heart and soul into this record. And I stayed true to my word. I was able to do that, which was challenging and fun and rewarding. And it’s ended up with a…different direction, for sure. But, essentially, I’d still say it’s very much a Kylie record,” she explains in the first “Dancing” teaser — a warning if I’ve ever heard one.

At the interest of supporting Kylie Minogue in each and every one of her endeavors, as we Gays are already contractually obligated to do, let’s check our expectations in advance to avoid a potential midnight meltdown on Friday.

Things are going to be a bit less “Wow,” and a bit more “Yee-haw” this time around.

“Dancing” will be released on January 19.