Kylie Minogue, the one true Kylie, is back at last…and it’s her time to shine.

Earlier on Wednesday (January 10), a a rumor went around suggesting that Kylie’s new album would be called Golden, and that her first single – called “Dancing” – would be dropping later in January.

Kylie caught wind that word is out, as one might say, thanks to the immediate Gay Panic™ that rippled through social media.

Rather than keep us waiting, she decided to get in front of the fuss.

“#Lovers … It’s true. We have GOLDEN💫 times ahead!!! I can’t wait to share new music with you. 📀” Mighty Aphrodite tweeted.

And there you have it: four years after Kiss Me Once, the glittering goddess is returning not a moment too soon to save us from the stale state of pop. A new era awaits!

As you dig out those gold hot pants out from the closet and stock up on gold body paint for your #GoldenPromo Instagrams, get into the Golden spirit by diving back into Kylie’s ode to her “Golden Boy,” the Record Store Day exclusive from her Kiss Me Once sessions.

Breathe, it won’t be long now…

Photo by William Baker.