‘Get Out’: Chrvches Are Back and at Their Poppiest Yet

CHVRCHES brought Greg Kurstin to their house of worship, resulting in their most sparkling production to date.

Clutch your pearls and your rosaries: CHVRCHES are back.

The Scottish electro-pop troupe has officially returned to take us to ch(v)rch with a brand new single called “Get Out.” (For the unacquainted, their name is pronounced “Churches” – it’s just spelled weird because they were tired of competing with Jesus on Google, which…same, honestly.)

Along with being their first track since 2015, “Get Out” is also their first song crafted with a pop production legend: Greg Kurstin.

“Working with Greg was so different to what we’d done before, but it also felt so comfortable and like he’d been in our band forever. He doesn’t try to make you write a certain kind of song. He just listens and then Jedi puppet masters the best work out of you. The opening synth riff of ‘Get Out’ was the first thing to emerge on our first day in the studio with him,” the band says.

Like his work with slightly left-of-center pop acts like Tegan & Sara, the end result is usually a great intersection between indie sensibility and glossy pop sheen. The same applies to this newer, shinier CHVRCHES.

“When I listen to the record, I feel like it’s the most pop stuff we’ve done and also the most aggressive and vulnerable at the same time. It was about really leaning into those moments — and also wanting there to be a real humanity and character to what we’re saying,” Lauren Mayberry said of the upcoming album, Love Is Dead, to EW.

Can we get out, get out / Get, get, get out / Get, get, get out of here?

The song sounds familiar enough to fit in with the rest of the CHVRCHES catalog with its flourishes of synths and Lauren’s urgent vocal delivery, but that shimmering, super repetitive chorus is undeniably the stuff of simple-but-solid earworm pop.

That could irk the “actually I prefer their older work” crowd yearning for some darker, sharper edges, but for those willing to let them tap into a more accessible sound, this might just be the perfect move to aid them in recruiting new followers into their house of worship.

“Get Out” was released on January 31. (iTunes)

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Photo credit: Danny Clinch

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