LOOΠΔ is nearing its final form.

South Korea’s most exciting girl group set to debut sometime in 2018 – although Honey Popcorn is now giving them a run for their money – has finally unveiled every member of the group. Or, well, the eleven members we already knew about, plus a shadowy figure holding something. (Our wig, presumably.)

The group uploaded a teaser clip at the strike of midnight on Thursday (March 1) in South Korea. Previously, the group announced that something was coming on February 29, which doesn’t even exist this year, causing a confused panic. See what they did there?

It’s called Cinema Theory: Up & Line, and the girls – who are each assigned an animal and a color – are presented one after another, in order of their debut, serving aesthetics for days.

HeeJin and her rabbit. HyunJin holding her cat. YeoJin‘s frogs in her hair. ViVi‘s fierce new black hair. Global gay icon Kim Lip surrounded by her signature shade of “Eclipse” red. JinSoul bathed in her blue. Choerry in purple. Chuu likely day-dreaming lesbian dreams about Vves. And that shadowy, soon-to-be icon at the very end.

As for the actual plan for LOOΠΔ’s debut? And the twelfth girl’s solo debut? And the third sub-unit? We still know mostly nothing – except something is happening in Seoul on March 17, a year and a half after HeeJin‘s debut. Prepare accordingly.

Kim Lip Hair Flip

May your day be blessed with a Kim Lip Flip™. Stan LOOΠΔ.

Photo credit: BlockBerry Creative