In this Brave New World of Twitter groupthink and kneejerk #CancelCulture with zero nuance, it’s become exhausting to even try and keep up with who’s “acceptable” in my music library in 2018.

I’ve watched “Problematic Fave™” Azealia Banks raise valid, controversial points, cross lines, reveal painful personal trauma and, on occasion, lash out in ugly ways.

I’m personally choosing not to write her off, though I may strongly disagree with the things she’s said and done in the past. Why? I guess because I’m willing to accept that people are complex, hypocritical and imperfect. And also, I’m not a child: I don’t need my artists to be role models – or even well-behaved. Her interviews are, to no surprise, far more thoughtful than her often self-sabotaging social media posts. She’s a provocateur, that’s for damn sure.

When it comes to the artistry itself, Azealia delivers. Frequently. Her taste and musical references are always on point, and her talent as a singer, songwriter, rapper and everything in between is wildly apparent.

As of Thursday (May 24), she’s seriously serving once again – this time in the video for the hot, ballroom-ready “Anna Wintour.”

Even with seemingly little budget, Miss Banks carries the clip by striking fierce poses – all nips, all Wintour-style wig flips – paying tribute to Miss Jackson‘s “The Pleasure Principle” in the process, and also waving around that megaphone, which feels like an emblem of her career.

It’s admittedly becoming difficult to devote large chunks of time to music videos, thanks to our rapidly diminishing attention spans and the constant bombardment of #content coming from every direction. But in this case, Azealia captivates, simply and effectively, until the very end. It’s one of the better videos of the year, really.

She’s got this if she wants it, basically. To borrow from New Age spiritual teacher RuPaul, it’s all about conquering that inner saboteur. Here’s hoping she does.

“Anna Wintour” was released on April 6. (iTunes)

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