Is Inna the most consistently reliable purveyor of dance-pop bops?

If she’s not, she certainly comes close.

The 31-year-old Romanian diva, who has yet to do us wrong ever since “Hot” one full decade ago, has returned with yet another effortlessly hot, sleek club thumper – and this time, it’s in Spanglish.

“No Help” is the latest single off of her forthcoming sixth studio album, which is apparently going to be a Spanish record titled Yo, following the release of “Me Gusta” in February. Unlike “Me Gusta,” this song is not entirely in Spanish – in fact, there are only a few select phrases – but it’s still Spanish-ish.

You’re all on my body / Sé que quieres de mí, de mí, de mí / Baby, I’mma be honest / Estoy pensando en tí, en tí, en tí,” she teases.

“No Help” is about exactly that: Inna doesn’t need any assistance. She’s fine, thanks for asking.

Like any good pop queen, she also knows a thing or two about subtle product placement: “I got a Coca-Cola but I don’t want no chaser,” she sings.

Her thirst is quenched…and also #sponsored: Coca-Cola launched a campaign with Inna in August, in which she announced that she’ll be appearing on four different Coke Zero cans for fans to Shazam and hear new music. We stan a businesswoman.

Anyway, raise your hands (and Coca-Cola® bottles) in the air and allow Romania’s finest dance floor diva to take the reigns yet again.

“No Help” was released on September 6. (iTunes)

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