“Piece By Piece”: Kelly Clarkson Finds Peace On Her Album’s Personal Title Track

Kelly Clarkson is revealing the contents of Piece By Piece, her upcoming studio album, piece by piece. And today, she’s released the next piece of Piece By Piece: “Piece By Piece.” (There’s a theme here, but I just can’t piece it together at the moment…)

Although she sounds lovely and the production is pretty enough, the most noteworthy thing about “Piece By Piece” isn’t the sound of the song itself, but rather the story she’s singing, which is quite personal — in a “Because Of You” kind of way, not a Britney Jean way.

While some songs on Kelly’s upcoming album admittedly sound more like songwriter discards or covers (“Run Run Run” was originally recorded by Tokio Hotel, for instance — just a heads up), “Piece By Piece” at least feels like a genuine piece of Kelly’s soul, dedicated to her father, husband and daughter all in one.

“And all I remember is your back/Walking towards the airport, leaving us all in your past,” she sadly sings across the striding beat, referring to her neglectful father. “Begged you to want me…but you didn’t want to.”

Unlike “Because Of You,” the hurt has (somewhat) subsided, and Kelly is thankful (REFERENCE) that she has a good man in her life now: “He never walks away, he never asks for money/He takes care of me, he loves me.”  That, in turn, leads to a tear-jerking reference to their daughter, Queen River Rose“I will never leave her like you left me/She will never have to wonder her worth because unlike you, I’m going to put her first.” That line…chills.

Piece by piece, Kelly’s finally found her peace.

“Take You High” was released on February 25. (iTunes)

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