‘GTFO’: Mariah Carey’s Festive Fuck-Off Moment of Moody Whatever

Mimi’s got a great idea: how about you get the fuck out?

Look, I’ll be honest, not that I was ever an entirely objective music journalist to begin with: I’m not going to not stan whatever Mariah Carey supplies. It’s Mariah Carey. She wrote “My All.”

That said, “GTFO” is not a bad-but-I’m-pretending-it’s-good song. I genuinely do really love it, even if it might take a few listens to fully sink in. Give it a moment, dahhhling.

“GTFO,” or as it’s pronounced by those who live IRL, “Get The Fuck Out,” is the festive “first listen” of what’s still to come from the Elusive Chanteuse’s forthcoming 15th (!) studio album, with an official lead single still on the way called “With You,” impacting – like a meteorite, if you will – on October 5.

“I wanted to give my fans and everyone a first listen that wasn’t so serious. I’ve had so much fun making this album, and I wanted the first moment to reflect that light-hearted spirit,” she explained.

With that in mind, “GTFO” becomes even better: it’s a gift!

The Nineteen85-produced, Porter Robinsonsampling song sounds something like if the sass of Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel‘s “Betcha Gon’ Know” was put through the Drake production ringer, a la “Marvin’s Room.” It’s moody and atmospheric as all hell, matching the downtempo mood of the past few years, and Mimi comes in hot – err, high – with that breathy upper register, serving us Janet Jackson whisper fantasy.

The hook is so simple – hilariously so – and yet, it so works…

“How ’bout you get the fuck out?”

It’s the perfect sonic middle finger to a good-for-nothing lover. Or maybe just a subtle post-sex suggestion to your nightly Grindr hookup.

Of course “GTFO” – I really still can’t believe that’s actually the title – would never get radio play with that chorus. Or any chorus, for that matter. She’s a woman over 40, not Noah Cyrus, Hailee Steinfeld, or whatever Instagram influencer of the week they’re promoting. As if radio would touch it!

But she wasn’t aiming for that with this one, obviously. This is for her own amusement, and that of the loyal Lambily. Also, she’s one of the world’s most renowned vocalists of all time. She can do whatever the fuck she wants and tell whoever the fuck she wants to get the fuck out. Just saying!

The lyrics – co-written by “Bitch Better Have My Money” scribe Bibi Bourelly – are signature specific detail Mimi as well, including a shout-out to fancy Cabernets Sauvignons: “Might as well down this Caymus bottle / I ain’t the type to play the martyr,” she sings. (Of course I had to look up what a Caymus bottle was.) “Bulldoze my heart as if you planned it / My prince was so unjustly handsome.” She is a nothing if not a lover of multisyllabic music-making.

Given that “GTFO” plays like a moody album introduction or an interlude, it’s a relief that this isn’t The Song. (That’s not a guarantee the actual lead single will be a full-bodied belter or an uptempo bop either, but still.) It’s cool, it’s fresh, and whatever journey she’s taking us on this time, I’m onboard. As always.

And if you’re not? Well, how about you…

Get Out GIF

“GTFO” was released on September 14. (iTunes)

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