Tired: “thank u, next.”
Wired: “Thank U Soooo Much.”

The Wonder Girls are still thriving in 2018 – even if they aren’t actually together anymore. (Too soon, I know. I’m sorry.)

Sunmi‘s one of the best (and weirdest) soloists in the game at the moment – and Yubin‘s coming in hot at the tail-end of 2018, too.

Following her disco-y throwback “Lady” in June, the 30-year-old main rapper of the beloved girl group returned on Tuesday (November 27) with “Thank U Soooo Much,” a sassy, hilariously sarcastic kiss-off that feels like a natural progression from the Wonder Girls’ Reboot.

The gist, essentially, is…thank u, next.

The breezy breakup bop’s about a dude who’s sharing way, way too much information on his way out the door. Telling her all about the girl you’ve been crushing on while you’re in the middle of breaking up? No, no, no. Absolutely not.

That’s really TMI,” she declares. “Thanks for being honest, I mean it. Thanks! Thank you so much!

And while she mostly bites her tongue throughout – no, really, thank you soooo much! – Yubin enters evisceration mode with a slick rap verse towards the very end: “I’m sick of you and all that bullshit.

Boom. Thank you soooo much!

To keep the retro torch burning bright for the accompanying music video, Yubin suits up for a delightfully kitschy intergalactic expedition to a time somewhere all the way back – way, way back – to the late ’80s to early ’90s to early ’00s (ancient!), serving Sega Genesis-slash-Barbarella-with-an-iDog sexpot realness. The fierce choreography, the nostalgic-meets-now visuals – all of it is quite a serve, really.

But wait, there’s more! The song comes bundled with two other tracks – the bouncy and fresh opener “Let You Go” and the more #chill and midtempo “Game Over” – and they’re really great, too.

Between Yubin and Sunmi, leave it to the Wonder Girls to stay wondrous for years to come.

“Thank U Soooo Much” was released on November 27. (iTunes)

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Photo credit: JYP Entertainment