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‘What You Waiting For?’: Anda Reboots Her Career With a Banger Intended for BLACKPINK

Originally intended for BLACKPINK, ‘What You Waiting For?’ marks the fierce and fiery reintroduction of Anda.

To no one’s surprise, K-pop is continuing to deliver quality in 2019.

Today’s gem comes from two equally intriguing acts: R.Tee, the DJ and composer hailing from YG’s sub-label The Black Label responsible for co-producing BLACKPINK‘s “Playing With Fire” and “DDU-DU DDU-DU” among other hits, and Anda, formerly known as Andamiro, a newly re-debuting 28-year-old singer now signed to YG’s sub-label YGX, of which BIGBANG‘s Seungri is the CEO. (That’s all a lot to process, I know.)

The collaboration’s been anticipated for a while now, largely because the song, “What You Waiting For,” was being considered for BLACKPINK’s upcoming project.

“The members of BLACKPINK supported this single a lot. I wanted to collaborate with an artist I like. I felt this is the way I should release this song,” said R.Tee in an interview for YG upon the song’s release. “I’ve never seen an artist who emits such powerful energy in the studio. She focused herself in the topic and put in detailed work.”

It’s no wonder the song was in the running for BLACKPINK: with its fierce attitude and unexpected, utterly nasty beat drop – which a friend of mine accurately described as “an ⏰ in a washing machine” – it absolutely screams BLACKPINK. (Also, the way the beat warps slightly differently with each drop? Genius.

But as we know, BLACKPINK are doing just fine, gracing the cover(s) of Billboard and staging arena tours around the world. It’s good to give another YG act a chance to shine. (And also let CL out of the basement one day, maybe. #JusticeForCL)

In the grand tradition of impatient pop anthems, “What You Waiting For?” finds Anda demanding answers, and time is quickly running out. Simply put: Anda’s fed up…she’s tired of waiting on you. (Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…)

I’m ready to give all my love to you / Do you really not know? / Why are you hesitating like this? We both already know / Baby, just put it on me, I’m ready for whatever happens / What the hell are you waiting for?” she urges.

The video ticks all the right boxes: technological turmoil? Tight choreography? Check and check! No, but actually – check that wristwatch choreo. Plus, those brief mirror scenes are giving me BoA “My Name” vibes. I’m sold.

Song aside, Anda is intriguing: from her look (gorgeous!), to the quality of her moves and her voice, especially as she sassily yelps across the bridge leading into the final chorus…I’m more than ready to hear more from her soon. Also, the fact that she’s nearly 30 and kicking off her career anew! Hello, let’s celebrate that in an era of ageist nonsense.

Now then, what are you waiting for?

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“What You Waiting For?” was released on March 6. (iTunes)

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