ionnalee, otherwise known as Jonna Lee of iamamiwhoami, otherwise known as the experimental Swedish audiovisual project that everyone briefly thought was Christina Aguilera‘s Bionic campaign at first nearly one decade ago, is bringing the beats.

“Some Body” is the second single off of her forthcoming sophomore solo record REMEMBER THE FUTURE, which is due out on May 31.

Excitingly, the album also features collaborations with some real Scandinavian gems, including my all-time favorite electronic duo Röyksopp, Jennie Abrahamson, Zola Jesus and Fever Ray producer Johannes Berglund, as well as longtime iamamiwhoami collaborator Claes Björklund. (Claes also had a hand in “Some Body.”)

As opposed to some of the more mysterious, ethereal, experimental sounds in iamamiwhoami’s catalog, “Some Body” is a more accessibly synth-y, space-y, dare I say sexy strut for the fellow weirdos on the dance floor. (For fans of acts like Róisín Murphy, The Knife and Goldfrapp, this should strike a chord.)

Wave our memories goodbye / With the end of humankind,” ionnalee coos on the seemingly apocalyptic track, as she recalls halcyon days and heads straight into the tragic unknown – a bleak bop, if you will.

ionnalee, however, is anything but bleak. I had the great pleasure of seeing her (and Allie X!) in motion on Monday night in Boston – a vital mental escape. (Long story for another day.) She managed to briefly do the impossible by distracting me with her weird and wonderful display – especially at the end of the night as she burst into a full-on, euphoric dance party. I’m forever grateful for that shared moment of letting go.

And if you’d like to experience that too, she’s still out on the road, and quite possibly coming to a city near you.

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“Some Body” was released on April 26. (iTunes)

Photo credit: John Strandh