I’ve been known to appreciate a good song or two, it’s true — especially when said songs sounds super dreamy and nostalgic. Aesthetically pleasing videos are also great. And a clever digital marketing campaign? That’s an added cyber-cherry on top.

Conveniently, Goldroom‘s gone ahead and just done all of those things at once.

With his new EP, It’s Like You Never Went Away (DREAMY AND NOSTALGIC TITLE ALERT), the LA producer’s delivered four immensely gorgeous tracks, all fronted by female singers.

The entire EP — from the laidback romance of “California Rain” with Nikki Segal (“not alone when I’m alone with you…”) to the chic club pulsations of the Kaylsee Collins-assisted “Tradewinds” to the ’80s-tinged prom theme-in-the-making “Fifteen (feat. Chela)” — plays like a complete soundtrack for the summer.

The most instant bop of the bunch is opener “Embrace,” helmed by rising Aussie-bred One To Watch, George Maple. The track, which opens sort of like the almighty “Macarena,” is a pulsating cross between the Jessie Ware‘s wispy Tough Love and the dreamy disco pulsations of Katy B. It’s major, for sure.

To make the release even dreamier and nostalgic-er, each song has been evenly dealt a portion of a nearly 20-minute short film, which perfectly matches the mood of each track. The story? High school drama. Parties. Young lovers running free in the city night. Clubbing. Stealing yachts. (That last part is a bit questionable.) You’ve already seen all of these scenarios play out in nearly every teen rom-com, but somehow, it’s all super endearing and hopeful and sweet. OH, YOUTH.

And, just to add some impressive marketing tactics into the mix, Goldroom’s gone and premiered the videos first on Snapchat Discover, Madonna style. And, like Madonna, he made Snapchat history by being the first to debut an EP on the ephemeral nude-swapping service. (Unlike Madonna, there are no #UnapologeticMinotaurs involved.)

You can listen to the EP on Spotify, but I suggest watching the videos below — in order, beginning with “Embrace” above — to take in the full experience.

‘It’s Like You Never Went Away’ was released on May 19.