Rosalía Aute Cuture

‘Aute Cuture’: Rosalía Nails It Yet Again (Literally)

The Rosalía global takeover is real.

Rosalía continues to do no wrong – as does her manicurist.

The 25-year-old Spanish flamenco revivalist-turned-pop savior returned to us on Thursday (May 30) in full, glorious pop superstar mode with “Aute Cuture” – a staple in her incredible live sets and now, at last, a single in its own right.

Co-penned and co-produced by Rosalía, her longtime collaborator El Guincho and Spanish writer Leticia Sala, who authored the book Scrolling After Sex, the song is described as being written from the perspective of “a confident young woman who has overcome heartbreak, and now projects her strength through a passion for fashion and personal style.”

After all ladies, just as Alaska Thunderfuck would tell you: if you’re not wearing nails, you’re not doing drag – nor are you overcoming heartbreak, rolling into town with a fashion-forward gang of bad bitches to hand out nail salon pamphlets, providing chic makeovers, securing the bag, cutting up shady men and ultimately reigning supreme.

The Bradley & Pablo-directed (not me, another Bradley) video for “Aute Cuture” was conceived by Rosalía and Pili, and follows a “mystic beauty gang.” Imagine if YouTube beauty gurus traveled in packs to terrorize small towns with their affiliate codes and vitamin pill dramas? A horrifying thought, actually. I digress.

The video is a fast and furious spectacle of Lady Gaga-style over-the-top, sensory overload pop imagery and Quentin Tarantino-inspired, Kill Bill-esque gang drama – and even a bit of violence.

I mean, those daggers for nails on her fingers? Edward Scissorhands is shaking. Freddy Krueger is canceled.

“‘Aute Cuture’ is the title: written incorrectly but with a sense of humor and strength,” Rosalía explains of the song.

“I wrote this song before going out to tour El Mal Querer and I have taken the time necessary so the song would come out with the best video to accompany it. Filled with claps, nail art, and a Tarantino vibe. Enjoy it and hopefully it’ll make you dance and laugh like it does me.”

Honestly, what Rosalía’s achieved in such a short amount of time is incredible: not only is she coming through with a sound and style that’s exciting people and making them want to partake regardless of whether they speak Spanish (music transcends language barriers!), but she’s really giving the girls all the goods of a top pop superstar: the looks, the moves, the drama – and of course, the nails.

With her official foray into reggaeton with siempre papi nunca inpapi J Balvin “Con Altura”, one of the year’s most effortlessly fun bops, and now “Aute Cuture” under her gold chain belt, the only thing more exciting is to consider that she’s really only just begun. Vamos ya!

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“Aute Cuture” was released on May 30. (Apple Music)

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