Listen up, olds: Olivia Holt is one of the newer Disney princesses™ in town.

And, as with every Hollywood Records act that’s come before her — from Hilary Duff to Miley Cyrus to Selena Gomez — she’s providing her generation with some solid pop confections that ought not to be overlooked merely because of her squeaky-clean origin. (Besides, what’s better than the inevitable Disney girl-gone-bad phase that comes next?)

The 20-year-old singing-acting sensation debuted on the pop scene last year with her self-titled EP Olivia, kicking off with her Steve Mac-produced, Nina Nesbitt co-written debut single “Phoenix.” It’s a bout of big ol’ bright encouraging empowerment — par for the course for a teen idol in this decade.

But with her breathy new single “Generous,” Olivia’s suddenly just swerved into the same lane as Selena, and she’s now making an even stronger case for legitimate Top 40 pop stardom.

Co-penned by Mozella (Madonna, Miley) and Fran Hall (of Britney‘s “Ooh La La” fame, most importantly) and produced by Gladius (Justin Bieber‘s “Company,” among others), the funky-fresh track immediately recalls SelGo’s quirky “Bad Liar.”

Armed with a catchy hand-clapping beat and a Prince-esque background falsetto (“oo-oo-oo-oo!“), “Generous” is breezy, weird and flirty all at once: “I’m a taker, not a giver, but I’m into you / And the way you looking at me got me in the mood…I’m feeling generous,” she teases. (The song’s about being not yourself tonight and have a versatile moment in bed, obviously.)

As for the accompanying Chris Applebaum-directed video? It’s a great reminder to lock up your valuables when traveling – specifically when visiting Le Pavillon Hotel in New Orleans.

You just never know when a Disney pop princess will go rogue, steal a maid’s outfit and turn your collection of personal belongings into her personal fashion show when she’s feeling bored. Incredibly rude, honestly. Good thing the song remains great.

“Generous” was released on September 22. (iTunes / Spotify)