Sia David Guetta Let's Love

‘Let’s Love’: Sia & David Guetta Reunite to Reassure Us, ’80s Style

The ‘Titanium’ tag-team comes together once again to remind us that this too shall pass.

Sia and David Guetta go together like peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, Christina Aguilera and a tube of Blu-Red LipSense – whenever they pair up, magic happens.

Nearly a decade after teaming up on their ginormous smash “Titanium,” and almost a dozen collaborations ever since, including “She Wolf (Falling to Pieces),” “Bang My Head” and “Flames,” the tried-and-true twosome reunited once more for “Let’s Love,” an uplifting anthem for getting through it all – while going back in time to rekindle the finer feelings.

“It was the middle of confinement and I texted Sia and I told her, ‘Look, I feel like a superhero. We need to save the world from this darkness. Let’s make just a simple feel-good record.’ And if I think of feel-good music, I really think of the 80’s, because there was just not a shame to go for this big chorus,” David explained to Zane Lowe of the song’s origins on Apple Music.

“She was like, ‘Oh yes, I like this idea. I want to do a song that tells us that we need to go through this together and not against each other.’ Because there was so much tension between countries, between communities. And she’s like, ‘Okay, this is cool. I like it.’ And she took my little text message and turned it into a song in 24 hours, as the little genius that she is.”

What the “little genius” came up with this time is a burst of unrelenting positivity and determination set to an instantly nostalgic beat, perfect for blocking out all the anxieties and aggravations of the present moment. It’s essentially the song equivalent of the mantra she’s regularly repeated for years: “I love you, keep going.”

So take my hand, don’t be afraid / This too shall pass, this too shall pass / We’ll get through it all together, we’ll get through it all together,” Sia encourages over and over across the warm and sparkly production, bringing to mind classics like a-ha‘s “Take On Me” and Pat Benatar‘s “Love Is a Battlefield.”

“When we wrote it, we wrote it as a ballad. So it was actually twice as slow,” David revealed, adding that his secret for writing songs for the club is by taking it slow.

“This is actually one of my big tricks, is to write it as a ballad, because usually it’s more inspiring for a songwriter, and then turn it a dance song.”

He also explained that he and Sia are constantly in sync, even without trying – like when he just knew that she’d love the production.

“It’s a little bit inspired by Pat Benatar and she’s like, ‘But this is crazy. I’m the biggest Pat Benatar fan. How do you even know this?’ I said, ‘I don’t know this. I just felt it.”‘ And we always have this magic together.”

Magic, indeed. “Let’s Love” is another instant winner from the duo, this time with a more heartwarming tone than some of their more pulverizing dance floor destroyers. It will surely go down just as big at the clubs…err, you know, whenever we’re back inside together.

Remember: this too shall pass. Until then (and after), let’s love.

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