Ava Max EveryTime I Cry

“EveryTime I Cry”: Ava Max Is Stronger Than Yesterday

Let those tears fall, Maxxinistas: she’s done it again.

“Every time I cry, I get a little bit stronger…”

Ava Max, the world’s single most wholly committed-to-a-lopsided-‘do pop star, is back with yet another banger.

Ever since we formally first met Miss Max and her Max Cut in the summer of 2018 with “Sweet But Psycho,” she’s done nothing but supplied Heaven (& Hell) in the form of major bangers like “Kings & Queens,” “Naked,” “Torn” and the ATC-interpolating “My Head & My Heart.”

She simply can’t be stopped in her tracks – except when it comes to naming Elton John songs.

“EveryTime I Cry” arrived on Tuesday (June 8), and no, it’s not quite the beginning of a new era yet. And yes, it is inexplicably capitalized like that. Don’t question the Max Method!

As always, the tune was crafted with constant collaborator Cirkut, as well as Sean Myer (Maggie Lindemann), and co-written with Demi Lovato‘s The Art of Starting Over co-writers Caroline Pennell and Lauren Aquilina. And really, it’s great!

Big piano chords, big beats, big vocals, big emotions – and a chorus that includes not one, but two Britney song references: “Every time I cry, I get a little bit stronger.

And while not exactly sonically the same, it’s very much giving the same sort of power-through-the-pain dance floor energy as Ari and Our Stefani‘s “Rain on Me.” Similar vibe with the tear-drenched artwork too!

“I feel like all of us are coming out stronger out of this pandemic. We’ve gone through a lot that we never thought we’d go through in our entire lives,” Ava explained of the latest addition to her bop arsenal to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1.

“‘EveryTime I Cry’ is really just about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and every tear you shed, it makes you realize, it makes you also appreciate the good times, and it makes you feel like, ‘Okay, I deserve to be here. I’ve gone through the struggles and I feel like I learned something.’ And I think the message of this song is super important for everybody going through hard times. I love this song so much and it has such a fun beat to dance to, and it’s a little different than everything else I’ve put out so I’m nervous to see what people think. But I personally love it.”

And, good news for us Avatars, there’s more on the way.

“I’m not in a hurry, but I can say that when January hit…I had a lot of thoughts and inspirations that came to my head, and the next project…it’s just coming out of me so easily and I would never have thought I would have had another body of work this fast. So, that’s all I can say.”

Ava Max and the Maxxinistas: decidedly stronger than yesterday. Because this summer? We’re all vaxxed and Maxed.

Heaven & Hell is available now as a limited vinyl LP.

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