“Make You Mine”: Madison Beer’s Menacing Infatuation Anthem Is Stuck on Repeat

Madison hits her sweet spot in between brooding and banger.

“I wanna lay you down, I wanna string you up, I wanna make you mine…”

One thing about being a card-carrying Beercan: we stay winning.

Madison Beer is having a great year, having earned an Immersive Audio Album Grammy nomination for her second studio album, 2023’s Silence Between Songs, along with her memoir The Half Of It.

With just a few days to go until the kick-off of her 52-date The Spinnin Tour, stretching across Europe and North America beginning on February 24 in Stockholm, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter-slash-K/DA girl group member (do it again please, Madison!) decided to bless us with a bop before hitting the road: “Make You Mine,” out Friday (February 9).

Madison’s no stranger to an uptempo moment, from her vocal assist on the still-incredible “All Day & Night” with Jax Jones and Martin Solveig, to her turn as a K-pop star in K/DA, to the throbbing, Lana Del Rey-at-the-discotheque Silence Between Songs triumph, “Home to Another One.”

She’s seemingly found her sweet spot in between brooding and banger, as her first new song since her latest studio album demonstrates: the enamored infatuation anthem – a luscious 3:42, let’s celebrate that! – is full of lusty vocals and stuck-on-repe-pe-peat melodies stretched across a moody, dance floor-ready pulse crafted by longtime collaborator Leroy Clampitt, who’s worked with her all the way back to her debut As She Pleases EP with “Home With You.”

It’s dark and seductive, if not menacing in its relentlessness (“Closer I get, can you resist?“) and obsessiveness (“I wanna string you up…“) – a prime theme song candidate for an upcoming season of Netflix’s You, methinks.

I mean, she’s got a shrine going on: “Step inside my mind, you can see the shrine, got you on my walls / Believe it, baby, don’t be scared…” she purrs above foreboding synths. C’mon, Helga Pataki!

This styling really suits Ms. Beer: even the accompanying photo shoot and lyric video supplies an ominous, Jennifer’s Body-esque allure. May she continue to explore this shadowy femme fatale-on-the-dance floor persona even further.

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Photo credit: Paris Mumpower

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