Alice, otherwise known as Alice Chater, is continuing to Save Pop™. (No, pop doesn’t actually need saving, to those easily offended by the phrase – but she does, genuinely, seem to be well on her way to carrying the torch from some of our most beloved pop queens.)

“Hourglass” is Alice’s latest single, following her fantastic, Anita Ward-interpolating disco bop, “Heartbreak Hotel.”

Once again backed by a classic – this time, a sample of The Human League‘s “Don’t You Want Me” – Alice supplies a dark slice of pulsating, Madonna-slash-Kylie Minogue dance-pop energy.

The Favourite Color Black-directed video only furthers the deal, as Alice delivers the wild choreography and Britney-esque hair-flippage, aerial hoop work and sphere-shattering we so desperately need in 2018. In one take. Look at her go!

“‘Hourglass’ is a song about that inner turmoil you go through when you’re waiting for that person who deep down you know isn’t ever coming back. It’s a bit of dark pop bop. The video is a continuation from my previous videos – I’m out of the Heartbreak Hotel and have found my lover long gone. It was filmed entirely in one shot which was exhausting – there was no time for mistakes – but I love how it turned out,” Alice explains.

This girl’s got it – and if you’re not already aboard the Alice express, hop on now before it starts making local stops.

Alice Hourglass

“Hourglass” was released on October 3. (iTunes)

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Photo credit: Simon Jones