Fredrik Etoall Agnes Fingers Crossed

Agnes Has Her ‘Fingers Crossed’ on the Dance Floor

The Swedish queen invites us into her disco…

Carly Rae Jepsen Emotion

Carly Rae Jepsen Puts the ‘Emotion’ Bonus Tracks on Streaming, At Last

They're both essential parts of the E•MO•TION-al…

Mariah Carey The Rarities

Mariah Carey & Ms. Lauryn Hill Are Just in Time to ‘Save the Day’

Mariah Carey and Ms. Lauryn Hill are in this…

Dua Lipa Club Future Nostalgia Remix Album

Dua Lipa Reveals the ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ Track Listing

This is a music nerd's dream.

Billie Eilish My Future Live

Billie Eilish Sings for Her ‘Future’ (And Everyone Else’s, Too)

Billie performs her hopeful ode to the future…

Nightcrawler Say Lou Lou Duke Dumont

Time to Make Duke Dumont & Say Lou Lou’s ‘Nightcrawler’ a Hit

The dreamy standout is getting the single…

Mariah Carey The Rarities

Mariah Carey Is Giving Us ‘The Rarities’

Mariah's dug deep into the vaults, and got a…

BoA Gallant Only One

Gallant Covers BoA’s ‘Only One’ for Her 20th Anniversary

Gallant puts a silky smooth touch on BoA's 2012…

Miley Cyrus When I Look at You TikTok

TikTok Just Discovered Miley’s ‘When I Look at You’

The teens have only just discovered Miley's…

Jisoo Drama Blackpink Snowdrop

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is Going Solo (As an Actress)

Jisoo's about to be a leading actress.

Ariana Grande Rihanna

Ariana Grande Snatches a Record From Rihanna (But Didn’t Want To)

Ariana Grande unseated Rihanna's record on…

Cardi B Megan Thee Stallion WAP

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Make Some Wet Ass Chart History

When Jesus say "WAP," nobody can say no.

ITZY Not Shy

‘Not Shy’: ITZY Commit Crimes in the Name of Dessert

You know what ITZY deserve? Dessert.

BT The Lost Art of Longing

Getting Lost in BT’s ‘Art of Longing’

The trance icon returns to the dance floor with…

Dua Lipa Madonna Missy Elliott

Finally, The Madonna Edit of Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating’ Video Is Here

When it comes to Madonna fans, where there's a…

Minelli & Inna’s ‘Discoteka’: A Song of the Summer in a Parallel Universe

"Discoteka" is a fever dream of the fun-filled…

Adele New Album 2020

Adele Has Your New Album Update for 2020

Adele has an answer for "where's the new album?"…

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster

Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame Monster’ Deluxe Edition: Limited Triple LP

Dance in the dark with a gorgeous 3XLP release…

Kiesza Crave

Kiesza’s ‘Crave’ Hits the ’80s Dance-Pop Spot

Don't let this one...hideaway...from your…

Katy Perry Smile Music Video

Katy Perry, Sad Clown, Takes a Pie to the Face

Katy Perry keeps on smiling through the pandemic,…

Dua Lipa Levitating Remix Video

Dua Lipa, Madonna & Missy Elliott: The ‘Levitating’ Remix Music Video

Dua showed up. Missy showed up. Anwar Hadid…

Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky

‘Midnight Sky’: Miley Cyrus Was Born to Run

How many times does she need to tell you? Miley…

Kylie Minogue Say Something Acoustic

Kylie Minogue Gives ‘Say Something’ an Acoustic Makeover

Kylie skips the beat of her new single "Say…

Dua Lipa Madonna Missy Elliott Blessed Madonna

Dua Lipa, Madonna & Missy Elliott: The ‘Levitating’ Remix

It's just Dua levitating against the music. And…

5 Picks for Record Store Day 2020: August 29 Edition

Heading out for Record Store Day on August 29?…

CLC Comeback 2020

CLC Are Making a Comeback in September

Red lip? NO. Earrings? NO. High heels? NO.…

Robyn Studio Max Martin

Robyn Is Back in the Studio & Playing Music for Max Martin

Robyn revealed that she's been staying busy in…

Shirley Manson & Peaches Discuss ‘Fuck the Pain Away’

Two absolute queens. One…

Selena Gomez Blackpink

BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez In Your Area

The "Boombayah" K-pop quartet confirms the "Love…

Ricky Martin Out Magazine

Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef Are a Dream Team in ‘Out Magazine’

Ricky Martin dreams of life after the pandemic -…

Gwen Stefani Love Angel Music Baby Vinyl

Gwen Stefani’s ‘Love. Angel. Music. Baby’: 15th Anniversary Vinyl

As a wise woman once asked: what you waiting for?

Sunmi J Y Park When We Disco

Sunmi Hits the Disco With Her Former Boss J.Y. Park

The Wonder Girls goddess-gone-solo reunites with…

Katy Perry Teenage Dream The Complete Confection

Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ Gets a Double Vinyl Reissue

Ahead of the album's 10 year anniversary, Katy's…

Cookiee Kawaii Vibe If I Back It Up Music Video

Cookiee Kawaii’s TikTok Hit ‘Vibe (If I Back It Up)’ Gets a Video

If I back it it fat enough? And is our…

GRIFF Say It Again Warner Records

GRIFF’s Got the Good Stuff

The 18-year-old Chinese-Jamaican, self-producing…

Twice Online Concert Beyond Live

TWICE’s Online Concert: ‘Beyond Live – Twice: World in a Day’

Our South Korean pop queens are proving that even…

BoA 20th Anniversary

SM Entertainment Launches BoA 20th Anniversary Account

The baby BoA throwback photos are overwhelmingly…

Madonna Diablo Cody

Is Madonna Working on a Biopic With Diablo Cody?

Madonna is writing a screenplay with Diablo Cody,…

Lindsay Lohan Speak

Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Speak’ Is (Finally) Out on Vinyl

And no, this is not a rumor...

Delaney Jane Want You Now

Canadian EDM Star Delaney Jane Swerves Into the Pop Lane

Already an established topline writer and…

Kylie Minogue Say Something Video

Kylie Minogue’s ‘Say Something’ Video Is a Glittery, Gay Explosion

It's intergalactic. It's camp. It's Kylie.

Cardi B Megan Thee Stallion WAP

‘WAP’: Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Have Some Wet Ass Production Value

In the sacred words of Nicole Scherzinger: let's…

Toni Braxton Dance Music Video

Toni Braxton Says ‘Dance,’ So Let’s Dance (Video)

Toni Braxton does the damn thing and dances the…

Lady Gaga Apple Music Gaga Radio

Lady Gaga Is Launching Her Own Apple Music Radio Show

'Cause I've got nothing on but the Apple Music…

Impact SG Lewis Channel Tres Robyn

Brace for ‘Impact’: Robyn, SG Lewis & Channel Tres Hit the Club

One of the year's top producers teams up with a…

Dua Lipa Madonna Missy Elliott Blessed Madonna

Madonna Acknowledges Dua Lipa ‘Levitating’ Remix With A Confusing Twist

Madonna is not making things better with her…

BLACKPINK Teaser August

BLACKPINK Keep Teasing Their August Mystery Feature

BLACKPINK? In our area? Yes, it's true...and…

Taylor Swift Folklore

On the Enduring Mainstream Reign of Taylor Swift

How come her mainstream reign hasn't let up?

TikTok Facebook YouTube

TikTok Is (Maybe) Being Banned & Facebook Is Coming for YouTube

While Trump threatens to put an end to Gen Z's…

Roisin Murphy Machine

Róisín Murphy Announces Her Fifth Studio Album, ‘Róisín Machine’

Oh, you wanted 'Something More'? The…

Toni Braxton Announces 10th Studio Album, ‘Spell My Name’

And she's ready to 'Dance,' too.

Billie Eilish My Future

‘my future’: Billie Eilish Opts for Optimism in Dark Times

In the quiet of being alone, Billie chooses to…

Melanie C In And Out of Love

Melanie C’s Got a New Album & Going ‘In & Out of Love’

Trust in Sporty Spice to keep us moving through…

Madonna Sorry

Madonna Misses Being the Dancing Queen

Madonna is dreaming of her dancing days of yore…

Utada Hikaru Time

Hikaru Utada Takes Her Trippy ‘Time’ at Home

It's time for "Time."

Fenty Skin Rihanna

Rihanna Starts to Rih-Veal What’s in Her Fenty Skin

Rihanna is starting to rih-veal what's inside her…


BLACKPINK Announce Their Long, Long Awaited Debut Album

Four years after arriving in our area, the ladies…

Dua Lipa Madonna Missy Elliott Blessed Madonna

The Madonna & Dua Lipa (& Missy Elliott!) Collaboration Is Really Happening

Gay, and I cannot stress this enough, panic.

BoA ID;Peace B

The 20th Anniversary of BoA’s Debut Begins With ‘Our Beloved BoA’

SM Entertainment will celebrate the beginning of…

Taylor Swift Folklore

No Fanfare, Just ‘Folklore’: Taylor Swift’s Nostalgic Escape

In the silence of quarantine, Taylor Swift…

Jessie Ware What's Your Pleasure?

Jessie Ware Makes ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ Even More Pleasing

With a head of hair worthy of a 'Drag Race'…

Kylie Minogue Say Something

‘Say Something’: Kylie Dreams of a Less Socially Distant Future

Kylie's back, and yearning for us all to be as…

Billie Eilish Katharine McPhee

Billie Eilish Is a Katharine McPhee Stan

Billie says "Over It" soundtracked her childhood.…

Mariah Carey Live Debut 1990

Mariah Carey Kicks Off #MC30 With Her 1990 Live Debut

"Ladies and gentlemen, Mariah Carey..."

Jessie Ware The Kill

Jessie Ware Is Going In for ‘The Kill’

Jessie Ware keeps the pleasure coming, pandemic…

Rihanna Skincare Fenty Skin

Rihanna Is About to SOS (Save Our Skin)

Rihanna's coming for our pores, in what will…

Selena Gomez Past Life Trevor Daniel

‘Past Life’: Selena Gomez & Trevor Daniel Are Ready for Their (Extreme) Close-Up

Selena Gomez and Trevor Daniel get under their…

Lennon Stella Pretty Boy Three. Two. One.

Lennon Stella’s ‘Pretty Boy’: An Ode to the Ostensible Himbo

Is he just simple and pretty, or is there…

Alewya Sweating

Alewya Makes Her Seductive, Club-Ready Debut With ‘Sweating’

One of this year's coolest debuts on the dance…

Allie X Super Duper Party People

Allie X’s ‘Super Duper Party People’ Gets the Remix Treatment

Cousn, and the legendary Alan Braxe, give Allie's…

Lights Dead End

Lights Hits a ‘Dead End’ on the Dance Floor

Canadian excellence at the discotheque.

RAYE Natalie Don't

‘Natalie Don’t’: RAYE Provides a Perfect ‘Jolene’ for 2020

The unstoppable RAYE gives us a 2020 version of…

Red Velvet Monster

Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi Are Little Monsters (No, Not That Kind – But Maybe?)

Anyone in the mood for a demonic, gun-toting…

Chungha Play

‘Play’: Chung Ha Feels Her Midsommar Matador Fantasy

Chung Ha feels the flower fever - and bullfights…

Megan Thee Stallion Chloe x Halle

Megan Thee Stallion & Chloe X Halle Switch Up the At-Home Performance Game

Even in quarantine, they still delivered major…

Sunmi Pporappippam

‘Pporappippam’: Sunmi Delivers a Swoony Song for the Summer

Sunmi makes a dreamy getaway into the purple…

Jessie Ware What's Your Pleasure

‘What’s Your Pleasure?’: Jessie Ware Finds What Feels Good Again

Jessie Ware makes her escape on the dance floor.

Dannii Minogue All I Wanna Do

Dannii Minogue Reimagines ‘All I Wanna Do’ for 2020

Dannii revisits her 1997 hit, at a time when…

Annie Dark Hearts

American Cars, Dark Hearts & The Return of Annie

Do you want more, baby? Do you want more?

victoria-monet-khalid-experienceaVictoria Monet Khalid Experience

‘Experience’: Victoria Monét & Khalid Provide a Stunning Disco Escape

In the midst of protests, a celebration of Black…

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter – Here’s How to Help

Here are ways that you can help in the fight for…

Lady Gaga Rain On Me

‘Rain on Me’: Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Twirl Through the Tears

Let the rain fall down and wake our 'Chromatica'…

Leah Kate Bad Idea

Leah Kate Makes a ‘Bad Idea’ Sound Pretty Damn Good

A pop ode to bad decision-making that is, in…

Chloe x Halle Do It

Chloe x Halle ‘Do It’ With a Potential Song of Summer 2020

Chloe x Halle do it, do it well.

Inna Sober

Inna, ‘Sober’: The Romanian Queen of Pop’s Done It Again at Home

Romania's dependable dance-pop diva simply does…

Aly & AJ Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor

‘Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor’: Aly & AJ Are Ready for Battle

Aly & AJ (& Joan of Arc) are armed and ready with…

Utada Hikaru Time

‘Time’: Hikaru Utada Wonders ‘Bout Turning Back Time

Hikaru's back, just in...time.

Jessie Ware Save A Kiss

‘Save a Kiss’: Jessie Ware Supplies the Disco Optimism We Need

Jessie's IOU on the (future) dance floor is…

Tei Shi Die 4 Ur Love

‘Die 4 Ur Love’: Tei Shi Returns, Right in Time for the Apocalypse

An electro-pop anthem that couldn't be better…


Girl Interrupted: GRACEY & the Delayed Debut of 2020

From writing with Xenomania to hits for Rita Ora…

Skylar Grey Dark Thoughts

‘Dark Thoughts’: Skylar Grey Reintroduces Herself With a Shadowy Strip Tease

You loved the way she lied. And now, she has some…

Sophie Ellis Bextor Kitchen Disco

Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s ‘Kitchen Disco’ Is a Burst of Joy in Quarantine

It's murder in the living you better…

Kelly Rowland Coffee

‘Coffee’: Kelly Rowland Is Back With an Ode to Morning Sex

From here on out, she'll be your commander...of…