Utada Hikaru Is Releasing Her Seventh Japanese Studio Album in June

Twenty years later, Hikki is back to thinking about her First Love.

ʎɹɔ oʇ ʇɟǝl sɹɐǝʇ ou sɐɥ ǝpuɐɹƃ ɐuɐᴉɹɐ

Ariana Grande makes her grand return.

Lykke Li Is Back, Sadder & Sexier Than Ever

Our Swedish sad girl put a little swagger in her step.

Madonna Is Creating Another Impressive Instant With Mirwais

The Queen of Pop is reuniting with the 'Music' maker.

Britney Spears Accepts Award for Inventing Homosexuality

The Living Legend graciously accepted the award for her work in advancing the…

Is Alice About to Save Pop?

She's been working with Carl Falk, Rami Yacoub and Bonnie McKee, dancing to…

‘Golden’: Kylie Minogue’s Nashville-Inspired Ode to Heartbreak, Death & Dancing (Album Review)

Kylie Minogue stays gold by finding her freedom in the sound of Nashville.

#SWLTOM: Kacey Musgraves, Hayley Kiyoko, Olivia Hye & More

From the country Carly Rae Jepsen (maybe) to the lesbian messiah to the final…

Legendtina AuNaturelguilera Gets Even More Stripped for ‘PAPER’

The new era begins - well, minus the music.

‘High Horse’: Kacey Musgraves Does Country Disco-Pop Just Right

Kacey Musgraves flicks a middle finger at the buzzkills.

‘Bibidi Babidi Boo’: Japanese Porn Stars Honey Popcorn Make Their Super Cute Pop Star Debut

Three Japanese porn stars prove it's never too late to launch a career in…

Dannii Minogue Is Releasing a 15th Danniiversary Edition of ‘Neon Nights’

Fifteen years later, we can now, quite literally, put the needle on it.

‘Red Hot Lipstick’: Britney’s Latest ‘Original Doll’ Demo Is Bad, But What the Producer Said Sucks More

A new demo from the 'Original Doll' era provides insight into just how nice…

‘Mianhae’: Sorry, But Heize Is Not Your Robot

Heize feels like a singing robot for your entertainment - but she's a human…

#SWLTOM: Betty Who, Heize, Ralph & More

The very best of #NewMusicFriday.

‘Flower Of The Universe’: Sade Returns Right in the Nick of (A Wrinkle In) Time

The ultimate soul-soother returns with a precious, time and space-transcending…

‘Heavy Rules’ Mixtape: ALMA Provides Good Vibes With Fake Labels & Real Feelings

ALMA's mixtape is full of fierce beats, fake labels and real feelings.

Emma Bunton & RuPaul Discuss the Spice Girls on ‘What’s The Tee?’

Ru and Baby get nerdy about Spice. (And Squarespace.)

LOOΠΔ Is Coming: All Twelve Members Appear in a New Teaser

LOOΠΔ's latest teaser features all twelve girls - and a mysterious date.

‘Shadows’: Little Boots Finds Freedom in a Dark Disco

Little Boots is tearfully voguing in the darkest recesses of the dance floor -…

‘Ahora’: Everything J Balvin Does Is Good, Basically

Everything Balvin touches turns to flame emojis.

‘Remember When I Was Allowed to Be A Visionary?’: Madonna Has Snapped

Madonna is displeased with the modern, not-so-X-Static Process of songwriting.

‘Gossip’: Nadine Coyle Is Tired of Rumors Starting

Nadine slows down the pace - and shuts down the rumors - with a soulful,…

‘Dancing (Initial Talk Remix)’: Kylie Minogue’s Country Detour Gets a Fab ’80s Makeover

"Dancing" goes back to the future - and just got way more danceable.

‘The Venus Project: Vol 1’: Georgia Nott, of BROODS, Is Tired of Being the Only Woman in the Room

The sound of the gradual chipping away at the patriarchy is quite soothing,…

‘Black Dress’: CLC Snip & Strip Their Way to Greatness

CLC are dressed to impress in their freakum dresses.

‘One Shot, Two Shot’: BoA Still Hits the Mark, Nearly Twenty Years Into Her Career

Nearly two decades into her career, BoA still hits the mark.

‘Breathe (Acoustic)’: Jax Jones & Ina Wroldsen’s Banger Works Just As Well As a Ballad

The massive club cut works equally well, if not better, as a late night piano…

‘Think About You’: Delta Goodrem Is Back, And This Time, She’s Horny

Just FYI: Delta Goodrem's thinking about you naked right now.

Janet Jackson’s ‘I Get Lonely’ Turns 20: A Look Back

Still lonely, after all these years.

‘Faded Love (feat. Future)’: Tinashe Feels This Feeling Again

After swerving into her moody lane again, Tinashe's 'Joyride' is back on track.

‘Oath’ (‘Don’t Think Twice’): Utada Hikaru’s Theme Song for ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ – Listen to a Preview

Hold on tight to your keyblades: here's your first listen of Hikaru's upcoming…

‘Long As I Live’: Toni Braxton Is Still Out Here Making Classic Music

Toni Braxton is back with a slow-burning stunner about never getting over him.…

‘Bailando’: Rouge, the Brazilian Spice Girls, Are Back

Rouge, the Brazilian Spice Girls, are back after over a decade - and they're in…

Nadine Coyle Is Releasing a 4-Track Solo EP & Going on Turr

Like a beautiful robot dancing alone, Queen Nuhdeen Coyle is hitting the road…

‘Entao Vai’ Video: Pabllo Vittar Makes Out With Diplo (And She’ll Come For Your Man Soon, Too)

Pabllo is snatching up everyone's man - and she'll come for yours, too.

‘Normal’: Sasha Sloan Captures the Plight of the Introvert at the Party

For those who want to feel normal, if only for tonight.

‘Get Out’: Chrvches Are Back and at Their Poppiest Yet

CHVRCHES brought Greg Kurstin to their house of worship, resulting in their…

‘Dancing’ Video: Kylie Minogue Dances With Death (Literally)

Kylie Minogue's going to keep dancing until her last day.

BoA’s Releasing a Japanese Album About Society’s Pressure on Women in Their Thirties

BoA's battling pressure to get married, maintain a career and solid…

‘One & Only’: Go Won, the Eleventh Member of LOOΠΔ, Makes Her Escape From Eden

The eleventh member of LOOΠΔ has arrived.

‘Paraiso’ Video: Lucas Lucco & Pabllo Vittar Stay Fuckable While Making Others Uncomfortable

Lucas and Pabllo get hot and bothered while flicking a middle finger to…

‘Always Find You’: Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Goes EDM With Raiden (in English!)

Girls' Generation's Yuri is coming for the EDM Queen crown with a future…

Britney Spears Is Officially Going on Tour on the East Coast & Europe

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears is coming to a city near you - assuming you…

‘Poet | Artist’: Jonghyun’s Final Album, the Premature Death of an Idol & the Stigma of Mental Illness in South Korea

Following Jonghyun's tragic death in December, S.M. Entertainment has released…

Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini Payne Is at the Center of a K-Pop Controversy

Former Wonder Girls member-turned-solo star Sunmi's new smash single 'Heroine'…

Kylie Minogue’s ‘Dancing’ Is a Twangy Midlife Ode to Mortality

Kylie Minogue's latest single isn't so much about dancing as it is about coming…

Madonna Is Currently Working on New Music, And It ‘Feels So Good’

She's back in the studio, officially.

Dita Von Teese Is Releasing Her Very Own Chic, French Pop Inspired Album

The Burlesque bombshell is delivering an album full of breezy, breathy…

Look, Let’s Brace Ourselves: Kylie Minogue Is Going ‘Dancing,’ Cowboy Style

Things are about to get a little less "Wow," and a little more "Yee-haw."

‘Curious’: Hayley Kiyoko Keeps Her Queer-Pop Crusade Going Strong

Hayley just wants to know: does he touch you the way she used to?

Mutya Keisha Siobhan’s ‘Love Me Hard’ Is Another Bittersweet Reminder of What Could Have Been

Another day, another leak, and another reminder that the original Sugababes…

‘IDGAF’: Two Dueling Dua Lipas, Not One Fuck to Be Given

Dua Lipa is kicking off 2018 with the only thing that's better than one Dua…

#Skywatch: Sky Ferreira Goes Baywatch in First Look at Upcoming Music Project

It's been 84 years, but Sky's finally coming to save us.

‘My My My!’: Troye Sivan Is Carrying the Torch for the Modern Gay Pop Star

Troye's back, and only when he's dancing can he feel this free.

Kylie Minogue Confirmed Her Album Title, Now Everything Is ‘Golden’

Four years after her last (non-Christmas) record, Kylie's coming back in 2018 -…

Britney’s Got a Plan for 2018? Justin Tranter: ‘Just Wait’

Perhaps Euroney isn't planning to head abroad without giving us more (moah),…

Kaito, ‘Hundred Million Light Years’

Kaito's brand of emotional trance pairs best with studying, working or drifting…

‘For You’: Rita Ora Whips Up ‘Fifty Shades’ of Solid Pop With Liam Payne

Rita Ora is showing no signs of slowing down with the pop perfection, this time…

‘Lower’: f(x)’s Amber & Luna Go Down on the Dance Floor

Two members of f(x) put in some fancy footwork while going down - on the dance…

‘Bboom Bboom’: Momoland Deliver 2018’s First ‘Great!’ Goofy Bop

The rookie South Korean girl group finds their sweet spot: silliness.

‘God Save Our Young Blood’: BØRNS & Lana Del Rey Lead Us Into the New Year With a Prayer

Borns and Lana Del Rey unite to send their prayers up in the name of youth,…

CL’s Unreleased Music Video Proves She Could Still Pop in America

CL's been working on music, after all - and she's taking a big risk by leaking…

Pop Goes The Future: The Many Reasons to Live for 2018

Nothing takes the past away like the future.

Kylie Minogue & Britney Spears Performed “Spinning Around” Together (Well, Almost)

It's Queen Kylie and Britney, bitch. Or is it?

‘Wild Hope,’ Mandy Moore’s Folk-Pop Rebellion, Sees Light of Day a Decade Later

Nearly a decade after going out of print, Mandy's moment of folk-pop rebellion…

‘Pop 2’: Charli XCX Auto-Tunes Out the Demons & Proves Herself to Be the Ultimate Curator of Cool (Review)

Charli XCX Auto-tunes out the demons and gives pop a much-needed upgrade with…

Utada Hikaru’s Entire Discography Is Available to Stream, Finally

Hikki's entire back catalog is now available to stream, at long last. And she's…

‘Lip & Hip’: HyunA Delivers the Horny, Porny & Polarizing Pop Anthem We Deserve

K-Pop's leading Queen of Controversy strikes again with 'Lip & Hip,' her…

LOOΠΔ Is Already One of K-Pop’s Most Exciting New Girl Groups – And They Haven’t Even Debuted Yet

Loona is already one of the most promising new girl groups in South Korea - and…

Fling My Soul Overboard: Unreleased Girls Aloud Gems Leak on the Eve of Their 15th Anniversary

Fifteen years after their debut, Girls Aloud are still providing us with…

Jonna Lee, the Artist Formerly Known as iamamiwhoami, Races Against Time to Leave a Legacy Before She’s Gone

In a time of social media and songs serviced at breakneck speed, Jonna Lee aims…

A Pop Icon Made History With Her Million-Selling Album This Week – And No, This Isn’t About Taylor Swift

Namie Amuro, one of the true Queens of Japanese Pop, made one hell of a…

Britney, Lorde, Demi Lovato, Celine Dion & More Team Up to End Anti-LGBT Violence in Brazil

Demi, Britney, Lorde and Celine all love Brazil's queer community - and we do,…

‘Full Moon’: EXID Shines Their Light and Leaves ‘Em Shaking (Review)

All five members of EXID are back together on 'Full Moon' - in the recording…

I Know, You Know: With Aly & AJ, Everything Is Going to Be Okay

Thought you knew before, but if you don't, then now you know.

The Singer-Songwriter-Solo Stars of Pop: Bonnie McKee, Julia Michaels, Ina Wroldsen, Emily Warren & Sasha Sloan

Singer-songwriter sisters are doing it for themselves. (And other people, too.)

Look, Rita Ora’s ‘Anywhere’ Deserves Our Respect

Rita Ora's having her very own 'Run Away With Me' moment.

Making Taemin ‘Move’: An Interview With Songwriter Curtis Richa

SHINee star Taemin stepped out with his second solo album and made one of the…

Marina Diamandis Is Having an Identity Crisis and So Am I

It ain't easy in the in-between.

A Death, a Resurrection: the Demise of Girls’ Generation and the Return of The Pussycat Dolls

As the spotlight suddenly dims on Girls' Generation after a decade, The…

‘Mistakes’ Video: Tove Styrke Evades Matrimony for a Dance Party

Tove Styrke rejects the pressure of committing to an eternal bond and opts for…

Evanescence’s New Album ‘Synthesis’ Is a Beautiful Memory of My Awkward Emo Past

With their fourth studio album, Evanescence revisits their back catalog in a…

Cosmic Girls (WJSN) Pay Tribute to Kylie Minogue at KCON Australia 2017

WJSN, also known as Cosmic Girls, turned their KCON Australia set into a very…

Market Moves: Cardi B and BTS Make Billboard Chart History in the Same Week

One week, two major cultural milestones.

‘Generous’: Disney Princess Olivia Holt Makes a Case for Pop Stardom

There's a new Disney pop princess worth your time — and she vows to be…

‘Hurts to liv’: Lykke Li’s Supergroup Searches for Life After Death

Lykke Li and company snap back to reality after experiencing death.