Sad Disco, Happy Sounds.

It’s finally time for the second album release for my Australian indie-dance group, Cut Copy, whom I often muse about. I had been long awaiting its release for a while, and now I can say that I am absolutely delighted.

Mesmerizing without ever seeming to try, the new sound relies upon a steady percussion and echoed vocals, though a string of repetitive synthesizer and vocoder. The whole sound together blends the nostalgic with the modern in such a fashion that the whole experience seems rather emotional.

I’ve spoken of Cut Copy with high regard in the past, and I’m so proud to see that they’ve kept the momentum with this sophomore record. It’s far from the first record, yet it provides the same rush that I experienced. Nice and throbbing (hey now, don’t get ahead of me), I’m getting the Bright Like Neon Love feeling again. Composure wise, its a bit more ’80’s inspired new-wave here with the introduction of some newer instruments. Nevertheless, those shining, car horn-like electro riffs are firmly maintained through this album as well. I’m really into the lead’s voice yet again, and I can’t stress the importance of this nearly impossible compliment. I hardly ever listen to male singers–I can’t explain it, but I just don’t connect to a song as well with male lead vocals. Now I’m going to pretend that statement doesn’t imply that I’m a woman inside–but the fact remains the same, so kudos to Dan Whitford, the lead singer.

I think a popular phrase I’ve seen on the pop boards lately to describe the hottest tunes of 2008 is “sad disco,” and that’s what I’m finding here. The tracks will have you both crooning and crying at the discotheque–and no, I’m not referring to the genius Alcazar smash there…though it does apply. The songs are a perfect blend of grit and melancholy; eternal longing and cold computer noises. The album as a compilation works quite well with itself…I’d say the tracks bleed into each other quite nicely.

“Lights & Music” is a true ’80’s dance hall haunter, though it eventually blares into a noisy stomper by the chorus, while”So Haunted” is a departure from the general swing of the album, though it quickly picks back up in the prickly electro chorus along with some refreshing overdriven guitars. The album’s just a lot of dark neon fun…I really love it. Lots of ethereal moments, a make sure to elect the wind tunnel effect in nearly all of the tunes. There’s just something quintessentially cool about Cut Copy. It’s the lyrics, the moodiness, the album art. I’m just a fan, plain and simple, and there’s really no higher praise than that.

Try out the sample tracks below, and if you enjoy, pre-order the album from Amazon today!

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DL: Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire
DL: Cut Copy – Out There On The Ice
DL: Cut Copy – So Haunted

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