With all the pop titans releasing their records and singles all at once during Q4, it’s easy to lose sight of the many amazing up-and-coming acts coming down the road at the moment.

Meet Chelsea Lankes, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter.

She’s got a new song out called “Ghost,” and I’ve had it on solid loop for about 72 hours straight now. (It’s also one of my Top 5 Pop Songs of the Week over at MTV Buzzworthy.)

Upon first listen, I assumed the ethereal track came from Sweden, or some other region of flaw-free dream-pop goodness in Scandanavia. But, nay! This gorgeous number’s homegrown, and it’s a real gem: There’s about a dozen seriously catchy hooks embedded in this lush dream-pop production, as the singer navigates her way through a tenuous love affair. “You got me chasing promises on the horizon / They come and go, these visions come and go,” she agonizes across a synth-y landscape.

Last year, Chelsea released an EP called Ringing Bell — and it’s quite promising. It’s a more sparkling electro-pop collection — something that can be filed alongside Lights, Ellie Goulding and Carly Rae Jepsen.

“Ghost,” however, suggests that Chelsea’s moving into even deeper territory — and I’m always here for that.

“Ghost” was released on October 15. (iTunes)

Thanks to Calen C. for the recommendation!