Okay. It’s time to officially confirm what I’ve known for a while…

Britney Spears is going on tour in 2011.

According to an Investor’s Report posted on LiveNation (see: Quarterly/Financial Reports, Supplemental Operational and Financial Information under Q4):

At this point, the company expects over 75% of its key Front Line artists to be active and touring during 2011, compared to under 50% of those artists actively touring last year.

Major tours are currently expected from, among others, The Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Neil Diamond, the cast of “Glee,” Journey, Kid Rock, Kings Of Leon, Britney Spears and Sugarland.

This has been confirmed to me by several sources over the past few weeks, but I was waiting on something more concrete (and public) before posting for sure.

Expect a formal announcement in the coming weeks.

2011: Year of the Spears.