I know it’s summer in the city and the sun is high, so why not cool it down (or heat it up!) with a little extra summer lovin’ from one of MuuMuse’s favorite up-and-coming pop vixens…Mizz Jessie And The Toy Boys!

While the Toy Boy-minded songstress is currently gallivanting ’round the country as the opening act on Godney‘s Femme Fatale Tour along with NERVO and Nicki Minaj, Jessie’s also been hard at work cranking out brand new tunes for all her Fannequins.

Most recent of all? The Show Me Your Tan Lines EP, her super-fresh 6-track collection of gritty, naughty bubblegum electro-pop tunes released in June.

For your dance-around-your-room-in-your-underwear pleasure, Jessie is now Excluusively giving away two tracks for free on MuuMuse: The EP’s namesake, “Summer Boy,” and her debut single: “Push It” (The explicit version, but of course!)

Please go ahead and enjoy! And remember, if you’re digging these beats, grab the full EP on iTunes!

The Show Me Your Tan Lines EP was released on June 14. (iTunes)