James Morrison: Signed, Sealed, Delivered! (Contest)

MuuMuse is giving away ONE signed poster from James Morrison! All you have to do is send an e-mail to [email protected] to enter! Contest ends this Friday, May 8 at noon EST. A winner will be contacted shortly thereafter to confirm address.

If you’ve not already heard of the BRIT Award winning UK singer, James Morrison, don’t worry–you have now.

Morrison is perhaps best known for his international hit single, “Broken Strings” featuring Nelly Furtado (sounding quite nice without the help of Timbaland), which topped the chart in basically every country back in 2008 (and still managed to find its way up to #36 on the Adult Top 40 Charts here in America). He’s soulful in style, perhaps best classified as a British mix somewhere in between Jason Mraz and John Mayer.

Today, he releases a live EP on iTunes, Live From Air Studios, featuring “You Make It Real,” “Once When I Was Little,” and of course, “Broken Strings” which can be previewed and purchased NOW.

OH YEAH. And in the spirit of all things MuuMuse, I now present a video of Morrison performing live with Girls Aloud during their Party on ITV in December.

See? Clearly everyone loves him…so enter!

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