Wait: What’s a Kardashian?

In my eyes, there’s only ever been one famous-for-being-famous socialite running this town, and she’s busy working up a sweat in the studio preparing for a grand return to the dance floor.

Yes, that’s right: Paris Hilton, Queen of Dance-Pop (or Queen of DP, for short) is making her way back to our iPods.

As TMZ previously reported last week, the multi-talented hotel heiress/media mogul/definitively still famous person is putting in work on a heavily House-influenced (!) follow-up to her flaw-free 2006 debut Paris, otherwise known as one of the best pop records of the past 5 years. (Yes, I’m being quite serious.)

To do so, she’s been tagging along on stage and in the studio with some of dance’s hottest producers of the moment, including Deadmau5 and “Take Over Control” Dutch hit-maker, Afrojack.

Now, the fruits of her labor have begun to seeping through to public ears.

Afrojack – “Good Time (feat. Paris Hilton) (Live Unfinished Demo)” by armon86

“Are you having a good time? ‘Cause I’m having a good time / And I might be a bit tipsy / But that’s okay ’cause you’re with me,” Hilton slowly purrs above the tranced-out beats of “Good Time,” an unfinished demo that reportedly premiered during Afrojack’s set at the Sun City Music Festival in El Paso last week.

“It’s so new, it’s not even finished yet,” Afrojack proclaims to the crowd at one point during the low quality recording. Hilton and her new DJ buddy engaged in some late night recording sessions overseas a few weeks ago, after which Paris tweeted: “Good times with @DJAfrojack last night. Love Mallorca! So fun!”

Although she’s only singing two actual sentences on this entire recording thus far, it’s never too early to formally declare this production to be ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE already. I’m so excited!