Cassie Talks Upcoming Album in January 2012 Music Issue of V Magazine

Cassie, Queen of Icy Electro-R&B, has been taking her sweet, sweet time to find her sound and deliver her long-awaited (UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY) sophomore attempt–nearly 6 years after her debut record.

But between the video preview for her upcoming single “King of Hearts” and this brand new interview with V Magazine‘s Patrik Sandberg, it sounds like the engine’s are finally revving for Bad Boy’s ultimate Bad Girl.

From V Magazine:

The record itself maintains the dark and sultry elements of her early material but merges it with electronic dance, jungle, reggae, and even ska. “At the time I made the record I went out to Ibiza and I really started to feel these jungle beats,” she says. “But at the same time I wanted to keep the ‘Me and U’ tone, really simple and clean. I have a lot of friends who are DJs and they like to mix, so I like to leave a really clean skeleton with the vocal.”

The combination of these new influences with her clean style adds up to a perfect sum of what Cassie is all about this year. “In my video we called it ‘giving ’90s supermodel.’ It’s the perfect definition of who I am right now and what I’m going through,” she says, smiling. “People aren’t going to expect me to come out with what I have.”

For the full article, check out Cassie Ventura.

So let me just clarify this one, Cassie: What you’re saying is you’d like “to keep the “Me & U” tone”–that of course being “icy brilliance”–and then have it wrapped around Ibiza “jungle beats”–otherwise known as “flaw-free dance musique”–to create the sound for your new record. So what you’re actually saying is…IT’S GOING TO BE FUCKING PERFECT. K, just checking.

And as for that video? Well judging by the preview, I won’t be surprised if it winds up becoming my favorite video of the year. WERK, supermodel!

World: Begin clutching your pearls now. Cassie’s back. And now, the teaser that continues to gives me chills…

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