Daily B: Getting Deeper Now

Apparently, B Girl was all set to roll today, there was a delay in shooting her upcoming appearance in Madonna‘s tour video. She was all set to dance (!!!!!) in an elevator (!!!), but technical glitches got in the way of rolling. In the meantime, check out the latest doozy of a quote right here from Brit’s camp: “The video will be very deep,” a source in the Spears camp tells E! News “You’ve never seen Britney like this before. It will blow your mind.”

Why do they do this to me…Why? They know I have heart palpitations and a weak and crumbling foundation.

Rock Out With Your Rat Out

Rock Out With Your Rat Out

It’s the video for “Rat Is Dead (Rage),” CSS‘ first

Not Planned

Not Planned

Here comes another unexpected leak from Michelle Williams‘ upcoming album,

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