JoJo Breaks Into Top 40 of Billboard Pop Songs Chart, Remains At Large

Authorities are now actively pursuing Queen JoJo after the former teen pop princess-turned-grown ass woman was charged with first-degree wig snatching and unlicensed use of flaw-free vocals this past weekend.

According to Billboard, the supremely talented pop perpetrator was seen breaking into the Billboard Pop Songs Chart at #38 for the first time in nearly 5 years with her latest incredible single, “Disaster.”

From Billboard’s Chart Highlights:

JoJo Levesque, who celebrated her 21st birthday Dec. 20, charts her first Pop Songs hit since 2007 with “Disaster,” the lead single from her forthcoming third album, “Jumping Trains.” She spent five weeks at No. 1 with “Leave (Get Out)” in 2004 and later scored top 10s with “Baby, It’s You” (No. 7, 2004) and “Too Little Too Late” (No. 2, 2006).

The Billboard team were not the only ones to bear witness to the event this week.

“With her recent game-changing chart debut on the Billboard Pop Songs chart, JoJo has revealed that not only is she more grown and sexy than your faves, but her enormously amazing new single, ‘Disaster,’ is slated to become the most important pop anthem of 2012,” explained Sam Lansky, a civilian who really likes JoJo a lot.

Though representatives from JoJo’s camp could not officially be reached for comment, Atlanta-based MuuMuse correspondent and grown ass woman expert NeNe Leakes phoned into MuuMuse headquarters to describe the event as “simply fabulous” before signing off with a final, chilling declaration: “Hi haters!”

We will continue to report on this story as it unfolds on the charts in the next coming weeks.

“Disaster” was released on September 6. (iTunes)

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