Aiden Grimshaw Releases “Is This Love,” Announces Debut Album ‘Misty Eye’ Out August 13

Season 7 of X Factor UK proved to be an unseasonably (pun!) strong show of talent.

Two years ago, no one knew what a Cher Lloyd, Rebecca Ferguson or even a One Direction was. Now, they’re household names across the pond (and stateside, if you haven’t already noticed the shaking and crying tweens.)

But there’s one act from the season whose moment has yet to come: Finalist Aiden Grimshaw. With his dark, brooding swagger and chill-inducing vocals, the Dannii Minogue-mentored heartthrob easily became the competition’s dark horse.

Almost two years after his X Factor departure, the 20-year-old singer is finally making his mark with “Is This Love,” the incredible lead track from his long-awaited debut Misty Eye, which will be released on August 13.

Misty Eye is the product of a partnership with Australian songwriter Jarrad Rogers, who previously worked with the likes of Lana Del Rey, Tinchy Stryder and Delta Goodrem.

Building on top of an echoing piano melody, Grimshaw’s lead single contains wisps of both Ellie Goulding-esque electronica and powerful flourishes of drum & bass, Katy B style. “There’s a fiery eye in the middle of the dark sea, and it’s pulling me down,” Grimshaw croons before the song explodes into its sparkling chorus.

“Is This Love” is exactly what I was hoping to hear from Grimshaw: Dark, cutting-edge pop with an electro flair. (So to answer your question Aiden, yes–it’s love, very much indeed.)

Oh, and a tiny confession: I may or may not have already heard half of the album, and I can already confirm that Misty Eyes is a monstrous debut. Seriously amazing. Just wait…

“Is This Love” will be released on June 3. (Facebook)

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