Ah, the ever elusive Róisín Murphy.

Mizz Murphy, one of our favorite leading ladies of modern disco, has a habit of vanishing and reemerging when least expected, and she’s just gone and done it again.

This time around, the songstress has teamed up with prolific German House producer Boris Dlugosch for a throbbing new tune called “Look Around You” — their first time working together in over a decade.

After remixing Moloko‘s “Sing It Back” back in 1999, Dlugosch worked with Murphy, then the frontwoman of Moloko, on one of her first major solo collaborations outside of the band: An almighty track called “Never Enough,” which went on to climb up to the Top 20 in the UK in 2001, as well as becoming a Top 3 club smash stateside.

Not entirely unlike their string-laden, dirty disco 2001 hit, their latest collaboration is a warm nod to the past, riding high on funky disco vibrations and shimmering electronica sound (a la Murphy’s 2007 masterpiece, Overpowered.) It’s all a smooth slow burn of echoing coos and luscious lyricism, as Murphy dives deep in love: “I’d go anywhere to find you, any place beside you/Gonna stay right where I found you, I’d look around me,” she pledges above the electro-strut. “I’m in my utopia!” So are we, Róisín…and we’re singing “Ba-ba, ba-da-ba-ba!” too.

Don’t quite get the cheap music video with the lingerie model writhing around? Don’t worry — neither does Róisín.

“Look Around You” was released on April 26. (Beatport)